Day 2

I slept fairly well even though there were some heavy snorers in the camp site.

I woke around 7 am and could here the chatter of hikers. it’s no good I need to join them so emerged from my tent to another glorious day.

I visited the loo which I had been putting off as it’s not the nicest of places. but job done so then went and made tea that certainly revived me. breakfast was a couple of power bars that I greedily ate.

I began to break will take me a few weeks to get it slick and I need to be faster especially with wet weather..

OKAY all done. let’s go. I hoisted my pack up felt the tinge of pain as my back accepted the weight then I was off and on the Trail by 9am.

but I’m not doing big miles so i don’t need the early starts yet.

The trail was going to be mostly downs today but finishing with an up.

The first part of the trail was awful, strewn with rocks and slabs of granite so slow was safe so that you didn’t trip or fall. I shortly caught big Mike there were about 5 mikes in camp last night. I past him and carried on .At last the Trail became walkable and I increased my speed . this part of the trail was beatiful and oh so peaceful. as I hiked on the trail passed through a lush green tunnel and I could hear the sound of water cascading below. now and then I caught sight as the water tumbled over rocks. Water seems very plentiful on this trail (so far) so I am probably carrying too much. but I would rather not stop to keep filling up.

The trail is still heading down which I like but some time there will be a up.

I decided to hike for 2 hours then have lunch something i didn’t do yesterday. I kept glancing at my watch. great lunch time. I dropped my pack took off my shoes and relaxed.

I ate tortillas with cheese and ham washed down with apple or orange would have been perfect.

I added lemonade to my water which I had been meani g to do for a while .

I took a longish break .Then a German hiker similar to me came past we chatted for a while comparing kit then he was gone.i will have 5 more minutes .

I decided ro remove my shirt as its oh so hot.i really needed some sun cream but i didnt bring any .oh well .i put on my shoes then hoisted my pack and began to hips hurt and I had a stitch but on I walked I had done 4 miles so 4 to go much better than yesterday. my body was complaining and the sweat dripped into my eyes as I plodded on .

I can’t do hills my body just sulks so my pace drops but once on the flat I race to make up the time.

Mike then passed me. this Mike is hiking in flip flops respect to him I follow him for a while as he pulls me along.untill the next hill.. but then I catch him on the straight. the mad fool then decides to try barefoot. Big mistake!!. I have a bit of a speed on and am cruising down the trail until my right foot begins to get hot.Bugger I need to stop. oh a sign campsite and water. another hiker appears and we confirm this is the target for today. We set off on this side trail . passing a bear box and a privy with tent pads. we seem to be decending too far.. Guys am i wrong ?

yes this is not the shelter but just the campsite but i need water so we continue till we reach the stream we all fill up . it’s a long way back to the trail and so we decide to camp just past the privy with the bear box and almost back to the trail

I choose no 7 and my tent is soon up.

i get out my solar oanek abd plug in my phone naking themost of the sun.

I lie in the sun for a bit then worry about getting burnt so slink back into my tent .where I must of nodded off.

At 4pm I decide to make tea it’s still a bit early. but I am parched. hmm that’s better okay supper I go for a Idaho mash. not my fav but it’s a change. I add a few splashes of chilli sauce.and bacon bits and soon my pot is empty.

it’s still far too early so I make hot chocolate. that’s so good

then I snooze again in my tent.

OKAY get organised I sort out my gear and now I’m just going to relax night all


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