Day 2 Heading to Hawk Mountain Shelter

I slept fairly well even though there were some heavy snores in the camp site.

I woke around 7 am and could hear the chatter of other  hikers. it’s no good I need to join them so emerged from my tent to another glorious day.
I visited the loo which I had been putting off as it’s not the nicest of places,  job done so then I went and made tea that certainly revived me. Breakfast was a couple of power bars that I greedily ate.
I began to break camp, it will take me a few weeks to get it slick as I need to be faster especially with wet weather..

OKAY all done, let’s go. I hoisted my pack  and felt the tinge of pain as my back accepted the weight, then I was off and on the Trail by 9am.
After  the briefing  we were advised not to expect big  miles and  to take it easy  for  several weeks and so I do not need the early starts yet.!!

The trail was going to be mostly down today but finishing with an up .
The first part of the trail was awful, strewn with rocks and slabs of granite so slow was safe so that you didn’t trip or fall. I shortly caught big Mike there were about 5 Mike’s in camp last night. I past him and carried on .
At last the Trail became walk able and I was able to increase  increased my speed, this part of the trail was beautiful and oh so peaceful. As I hiked on , the trail passed through a lush green tunnel and I could hear the sound of water cascading below, now and then I caught sight of  the water as it tumbled over rocks. Water seems very plentiful on this trail (so far) so I am probably carrying too much, but I would rather not stop to keep filling up.

The trail  was still heading down which I like but i  knew  it ended with a large up!!
I decided to hike for 2 hours then have lunch something I did not do yesterday.
I kept glancing at my watch untill my  watch pinged , great lunch time. I dropped my pack took off my shoes and relaxed.
I ate tortillas with cheese and ham washed down with lemonade, an apple or orange would have been perfect but i hadn’t packed  any  heavy fruit out

I added lemonade to my water which I had been meaning to do for a while .
I took a longish break until a German hiker similar to me came past we chatted for a while comparing kit then he was gone.I will have 5 more minutes .

I decided to remove my shirt as its so hot. I really needed some sun cream but I hadnt packed any  . I put on my shoes, hoisted my pack and began to walk. My hips hurt and I had a stitch but I walked on.  I had walked  4 miles so 4 more to go much better than yesterday although my body was complaining and the sweat dripped into my eyes stinging them , but i still plodded on .

I can’t do hills my body just sulks, and my pace drops but once on the flat I race to make up the time.
Mike then passed me, this Mike is hiking in flip flops respect to him. I follow him for a while until the next hill where he pulls away , but then I catch him  up on the straight. The mad fool then decides to try barefoot. Big mistake!!. as  the  trail becomes    full of  jagged rocks   so i easily pass him. I am cruising down the trail until my right foot begins to get hot.Bugger I need to stop and address it as   i  do not want to get  a blister.
Oh a sign,  campsite and water. another hiker appears and we confirm this is the target for today. We set off on this side trail  passing a bear box and a privy with tent pads. we seem to be descending too far.. Guys am I wrong ?

Yes this is not the shelter, but just a campsite but I need water so  I continue on until I reach the stream were I fill up . It’s a long way back to the trail and so I decide to camp just past the privy with the bear box and almost back to the trail

I choose spot no 7 and my tent is soon up.
i get out my solar panel and plug in my phone making the most of the sun.
I lie in the sun for a bit then worry about getting burnt so slink back into my tent .
I must have nodded off. as  when i emerged it was 4 pm. Time  for  tea although its a  bit early. but I am parched.
How amazing is tea  and i am soon revived  and refreshed  and  i had had a better  day. r okay supper, I go for a Idaho mash. not my favourite but it’s a change. I add a few splashes of chilli sauce and bacon bits and soon my pot is empty.
it’s still far too early so I make hot chocolate that  i quickly drink  as it tastes so good  that’s so good
Its  far  too early  so i decide to take another nap  in my tent.
When i awake i try to get organised, I sort out my gear , try and get  some sort of routine  before relaxing
night all

milage 8 Miles

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