Day 1 heading for springer

I woke up early full of anticipation. Checked my gear then went to check out my room.
I then waited for my ride.
It was a 40 min ride to amacolla fails. Once there i went and weighed my pack. Omg 54lb .that’s far too heavy. I need to get that lighter.
I went and registered and the Sat through a 30 minute safety briefing
.Then it was time to walk. The ranger took my photo then I passed through the arch and headed for the Trail. This is the approach trail a 7.5 miles trail that joins the AT.

I was dreading this as there are 700 steps to climb first. Omg my age my fitness the sun my pack.
It took me 30 minutes hurrah and what amazing views.
Well I thought the steps were going to be tough but omg. This trail really kicked my arse.
The terrain is so gnarly and steep. I struggled to get any pace at all.
I sucked on my water house .mm tasty rubber water nice. I pushed on and up but my feet did t appear to be moving. God this is a killer….
It’s no good I need to stop. That will do I dropped my pack laid out my Tyvek and collapsed into it, ‘removed my shoes and socks to air my feet and enjoyed the rest.
OKAY let’s go.i hoisted up my pack and ploded up the trail.the hours were passing but sadly not the miles. The ups were mighty sapping my strength.

I kept stopping pausing for breadth or energy.
god this is a killer. One the next hour I had to take another break
Pack off ,tyvek and socks off. .I took 30 minutes here before renewing the climb.
At 4.30 I reached Springer .mountain and the start of the AT.
It was taken me 7hrs to hike 8 miles that’s poor.

Or rather the terrain is steep.
I took the obligatory photos of the Appalachian trail plaque. Then too the camp site.
There were a out a dozen tents scattered around the shelter. I chose a slot and put my new shimmy tent up.Then I dumped my kit inside before going to get water
Time for tea. I brewed up then cooked pasta which tasted so good
I sat around the table with other hikers joking and telling tales unroll my bed began calling


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