I slept really well.But it was no good I need to do my chores.
First on the list Wal-Mart. Google says it’s 22 minutes .so I set off and soon arrive at the store. I zip up the isles dropping stuff into my trolley. The problem is sometimes you only my want a small box but you end up buying a big box .oh well.
I was pleased with my shopping . oh gas I need gas. Typically they only my sell the medium size. Not a problem it will last longer. Okay all done. Next my phone.
The lady in the phone dept. was really good and allowed me to try a Verizon sim, it gave us Wi-Fi but nothing else so I went with AT&T well I will try it.
Once paid I made my way to a bin and discarded all the outer wrappings to make my shopping lighter for the walk back . As I got to the road I noticed that I had lost my necklace .bollocks but I was not going to stroll back to look for it. It was a long way back to the hotel carrying my shopping. And was so pleased when I finally got back to my room..I put on the air con and collapsed on the floor.
Once revived I began to decent my food into bags and then into my pack which began to grow in weight. too much stuff Snail .too much.!!
Once done I reorganised my bounce box before sealing it. Typically once sealed I came across more gear that needed to be inside it . bollocks I will just dump it the excess gear.
OKAY post office.i put my bounce back into it’s suitcase and headed for the post office. As most people drive it’s not really an easy walk.
so I arrived all sweaty and hot.but my chores are now done apart from a shuttle I will do that later.
On the way back I DECIDED to explore the town.(I really fancied a beer)
Eventually I came across an Irish bar. called Shenanigans.It sounded perfect to me and it was. My first beer was 7.5 % that’s rocket fuel for us bits but God ir was so tasty. I ordered some chips with bacon and salsa which was delicious. I chatted to several people at the it was so friendly .so check out Shenanigans in Dahlonega. Great place.
once back at my hotel I arranged a shuttle so Appalachian trail here I come whoop.


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