3 Days to GO!!

3 Days to Go

OH MY  GOB  its  Saturday  and  I fly out Monday  where  have  those  month  gone .
It’s  been a long time coming  but  it’s  now  here

I  have  Georgia  on  my mind   , sing up every  one . And you Ray


I  repacked my   pack  for  the  last  time , Yes  it’s  all in there , at  last  I  can   put  it into  its  own  bag   or “Transporter”  as  Osprey  call them.
My Bounce  box  is  packed  and  I have  a cheap  suitcase  to  put  it in , I’m hoping that I can be  able  to  get that on as  hand  luggage  otherwise , it’s a few more shillings to  put it in the hold,
I  need  to check  my    locations  ,  where  I am  sending  my  bounce   and  resupply points  for the first  weeks  and then i  may  relax ..

Sunday  I  can  chill,   have  many  hugs  with  my  Dog  Taylor, who  I will  miss dreadfully , even when the bugger eats  my  dinner   (fucker!!!)
He knows something is amiss   as has not left my side, Bless.
I have Checked my  flights  I get in around 5pm    I estimate an hour  to  clear Immigration  then it’s an hour on the train  to  North springs

I will  need a ride, Lift  or  Taxi  to my Hotel  in Dahlonega  from North springs  , But i will worry about that later.
Once in Dahlonega , I plan to have a chill out  day  ha ha , That means  shopping  and the post  office  and then to the trail  the next  day

Next post From Atlanta    Whoop


My  Pack  in its  Transporter



2 thoughts on “3 Days to GO!!

  1. Good for you! I am a bit envious. I was on the PCT in 2014 with my daughters and met you somewhere in Oregon. You are quite the character, your stories of the trails and perceptions of us Americans kept us all highly entertained. I recall that we had fun sharing hot chocolate and rice crispy treats at a shared camp area. I have taken on a different sort of adventure these past few years, teaching in Lagos Nigeria. Once home, I may have to hit the trail for a longer portion. You are an inspiration! Keep us posted and have a blast!

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