Getting the Fidgits

Beginning to get fidgety now, I’m not one for waiting around, I just want to set foot on the trail.
I must admit I have been looking at a few hikers blogs, mainly their first few days. I really like a hiker called Amanda Bess, what I like is her pure honesty, from talking about taking a dump to working out what day it is by checking her birth control pills, She is such a Cheerful person which i love

It was whilst watching one of her videos I heard the expression “Snot Rocket “!
I thought I knew what it meant but googled it just to be sure.
( Yes it is as I thought.)
It’s when you hold a nostril and blow sending a jet of snot out of the open side then  repeat with the other side… This really made me laugh. I have done this many times when I hiked in the past but didn’t think that it had a name and in deed there are several YouTube videos showing you how to perfect such process.


My  pack  is  ready, it just  needs hoisting onto my  back  and  for me to begin my  adventure. I am so stoked , not long to go now Whoop



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