A frustrating day,

20 days to go

Today has been a frustrating day,

I am planning to take my Samsung S7  phone with me , But  trying to  get  the correct information regarding  US sims  cards  is  driving me  nuts .
Before I brought this phone, I had long conversations with Samsung UK about being able to use it on a CDMA network. (It is what Verizon use in the US)
They  assured me  that if it was unlocked and had  been used in the UK  for at  least  48  hours  then it should  work, I also  checked with Samsung USA  and  they said  the same
However, Verizon the network that I was hoping to use say NO!

However, I cannot find anyone to confirm this,

It’s  all about   coverage , as I  used  AT&T  when I hiked  the PCT  and  they were  worse than useless.  So maybe I will sprint or T-Mobile …. Although I could buy  a cheap  compatible  phone and  hot spot it to my  current  phone ..

Oh  well there’s  no  point worrying now until I  fly  in …

What  else have I been  doing ,  mainly avoiding  gear  shops.
But  I have  packed and  unpacked  my  pack,   and  I am happy  with  what I am carrying.
I have several extra bits of clothing, which I may shed, when I have a week or two under my belt.
I am planning to take a bounce box  , but I am now  having reservations
On the Pacific Crest Trail it was a necessity , but  that isn’t the case on the AT,


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