I have spent the day going through my plans

As I said, I am sending a bounce box that contains spare gear including two new pairs of shoes…
I plan to send it to Franklin  , this  will be  my shake down, so any items of kit I no longer need  I will place  in the box  or  grab  an item  from it  if needed.
I will then bounce my Box to  Damascus  mile 469,  This  is when I may require new  shoes , again if  I don’t need  I  will bounce  it  on to Harper’s ferry,
Later  if I change my mind I can then get  it back  or delivered to another location .
I have planned   4  bounces  after  that  I  may  not  need  it. Alternatively, I  may have abandoned it before the fourth bounce.

Proposed Bounce Box Locations

First Bounce, Franklin, This will be my shake down. Miles 118
Second Bounce, Damascus, Replace shoes. Mile 469
Third Bounce, Harper’s Ferry, Replace shoes. Mile 1019
Fourth Bounce, Great Barrington, Possibly last bounce. Mile 1520


After flying  in to Atlanta  I  plan to  catch  the Marta  which  is a light railway. This will take me to North springs that should reduce my costs of getting to Dahlonega
From here to Dahlonega  is  still TBC, the  Uber seems a good choice, maybe I can split a ride  with someone  when I get  there !
I hope to get to my Hotel around 8pm, grab some dinner and a beer and get a good night sleep,
In the morning I plan to  find a phone shop  and   get a US sim,  I would like to use Verizon  as  this  company seem to  offer the best coverage, so this will be my first choice.
Next  will be a visit to Walmart, to buy  food  for  the first few days that I am on trial before heading back my hotel  to  decant   into  zip locks and loose  the packaging .
Finally to the post office,  to  send  my  bounce  box  and   maps  to various  locations up the trail.Once back at my hotel I will look at  possible  rides  to  the  trail  for the morning

And  relax !!!!
In the morning  my adventure will begin !!

Food Drops

From my research, it is recommended to send food drops to the following locations

Nantahala Outdoor  center (the NOC)  mile 137
Fontana,  mile 164,
Bland VA mile 587
Harper’s Ferry mile 1019
Caratunk mile 2034
Monson  mile 2070

From Franklin  I will send 3 days to the NOC  and 4 days  to Fontana
The  rest  I will  decide  as I get nearer  to  those  other Towns


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