Expensive, exciting, exhilarating


The Appalachian Trail has moved a step closer

Flight to Atlanta   booked, I am flying in  on the 9th April,


Hotel in Dahlonega Booked


Hiking Insurance   Paid


This may be optional for some people but maybe I am older and wiser

I am hiking in the elements for  up to six  months , hopefully  I  will make  it without incident.
But in the event of an issue I am covered, 5 million for hospitalisation , Repatriations and of course   Search & rescue, again it’s something I hope never to use


From the airport i plan to grab the Marta to North springs.

This  is as far as my planning goes, as I need to get to my hotel in Dahlonega from this station. I will ponder than once I  am on the train.

What am I bringing?

I am bringing my Pack with all my gear in plus my bounce box

I am bringing a bounce box as I am from the UK so don’t have the luxury of  help in the US. I  will use it until  I no longer need  it . Yes I could buy these items in the US  But as the contents of my  box were acquired Free I will use it.
To make  my box cost effective, I will use Post offices, again these can be a pain due to their opening hours. But then if I  do not need anything  I will not have to pay again.

My Bounce box is a 9 liter Tough box containing

Two pairs of trail runners
Spare head torch & battery
few treats
spare Clothes/ socks
my transporter (my bags, bag)

Counting down  the  days excitedly


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