Going Home

I was in no hurry to get up so lay their dozing staring at the roof of the top bunk above me

My roommate  Don had got up early and gone for a stroll, suddenly I was awoken by an early morning text!!!!
“Your transaction for your Virgin Airline Ticket has been declined “
WTF!!! I phoned the number and spoke to Virgin “Sorry sir your card has been declined”
I asked if she could run it again , “sorry sir” I knew I was low on cash but was sure that I had enough to pay for my ticket.
I was now wide awake!!! PANIC, I was going to be at the airport in less than 5 hours and no ticket.
I frantically swapped my sim over to my Uk Sim and phoned my bank, I was on hold for 30 minutes , god knows how much that cost me. It turned out that it was the banks fault, they had blocked my card for some reason even though I had told them of my journey and where I would be (so to prevent this type of problem )
Sorry sir I don’t know why this happened! Great thank you .I quickly hung up and phoned Virgin to retry obtaining my ticket, the last one available !!
Thank god my payment was accepted and an electronic ticket appeared in my G-mail account, I was good to go OMG what a relief.
At that moment my roommate appeared, I explained what had just happened. I was now ready for breakfast so we headed to downtown Vancouver to see what we could find. WE walked into a small café and ordered two full breakfast’s then set about devouring them. WE both then had chores to do. Don wanted the Post office and I wanted a haircut. We walked to the post office together, I brought some stamps for some postcards then headed off to find a barbers shop .
It didn’t take me long and I was soon sat in the chair and being made “Normal again” ready for my flight home. Yes I look rather handsome lol .I then made myself back to the hostel.
I gathered my stuff and had one last sort. Fingers crossed I can get this on the plane!
Don my roommate then reappeared. Fancy one last beer I asked?
Why of course snail so we headed back to the bar that we found last night.
WE enjoyed one last ale together then said our goodbyes. He headed back out to do some more shopping. I had too much time to waste so enjoyed two more pints before heading back to the hostel to get my gear.
OMG it’s so bloody heavy, luckily it wasn’t far to the Sky train but even so struggled with the massive Transporter thrown across my shoulder and my smaller pack that I was also trying to carry
A last I was on the platform awaiting the sky train. This is an unmanned train similar to London’s underground nut much nicer clearer and efficient.
I was soon stepping off and I was at the airport a step closer to going home
I was early but I was here. I chilled out brought a few gifts for my friends and family. I felt a bit mean as I just couldn’t carry a lot of stuff. At last I checked in went through the farce of being x-rayed (I thought London was bad this was a shambles)
But at last I emerged into the departure lounge YES!!!
I enjoyed a last Canadian Ale then treated myself to a Mojito my traditional end of “Trip” drink.
Then it was time to board I AM GOING HOME!!!
Thanks again to the amazing friends I have made, walked with and enjoyed the most amazing trip with
Thank you all again everybody

a fellow  hiker carried out a photo study on some of us hikers  here is the link to his website  enjoy

Pacific Crest trail Hiker trash



2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I enjoyed all your posts. Thanks for the photos of my brother “Carlos”. Thanks for your wonderful wit. Thanks for all your PCT hiking insights. Wishing you the best of everything. I will miss you.

  2. Thank you Snail Trainer for sharing a great adventure together this year. Your friendliness, cheerfulness, wit, smiles, and bravado were a very enjoyable part of the trail. I especially appreciate your help to mail a package back home for me in Castle Crags. If only I could have provided more when Marcus and I picked you up in Ashland when you were somewhat lost, and then got you to the hostel and later to the campgrounds. Although I know beer is your drink of choice I now know that water and Crystal-Light lemonade is a close second and addicting. Best wishes my friend, Tartan

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