Day 150 Canada day 3

Never too early for beer

10TH September
couldn’t really sleep over excited too much stuff in my brain god knows
I woke at 6.30 trail time lol and dozed before getting up for a wee and coffee
Looked at all the stuff that covered the floor there was still too much
How do I get this stuff home I got up and dressed drank my coffee then resorted the mess on the floor into stuff .Do I needed all this crap
Then filled my second pack Result!!!
I did a quick sweep of my room, Put on my smaller pack before hauling my huge pack up and onto my shoulder before staggering out of the hostel And across the road to the lodge
I tried to catch up with my blog but it was slow ,So I went for breakfast instead
The whole gang was there so I joined them I ordered hash and bacon and a beer
Sorry sir no beer till 11am
The whole gang chimed in with WHAT! No BEER FOR SNAIL LOL
so coffee instead lol
I woofed that then brought snacks for the 3 hour bus ride
The bus was due at 10 am sharp but the receptionist said its always late
We all mingled about outside, Then I suggested a photo shoot Great idea snail
Then Bowie magically a 6 pack but sadly not one left for me but then Dirtmonger produced another 6 pack which poured down so easily lol
Then we waited and waited and brought more beer and more beer and more photos and more beer
At last the bus arrived 2 hours late !!
we all filed in and found seats it was going to be a long long bus ride and unusually for a greyhound No air-con so as the hours ticked by the heat increased and so at every stop we filed off for fresh air and to stretch our legs
At last the bus cruised into the station I was in Vancouver whoop and nearer to home
I staggered through the station with my oversized pack looking for directions to the Hostel as I sat resting my arm before the next stagger XXXX joined me and we thought we could split a room we found the Hostel and booked in ,.Phew we chilled out for a while before going out for a beer
we came across a Pub and began sampling their ales Wow they had London pride !!
I had fish and chips which was really tasty and another IPA before heading back
Tomorrow I was flying home Yeah

We hiked the PCT Whoop
Fish and Chips
Off to Vancouver

2 thoughts on “Day 150 Canada day 3

  1. Congrats Snail!!!!! Way to go. What a tremendous accomplishment. We have enjoyed your posts and look forward to your bestselling book soon to be published. What a story, a formerly chubby bloke from Oxford crosses America south to north with an overstuffed pack and survives to tell us all about it.

    All the Best,
    Douglas and Kathy Mead (Ug and Kat) from the McKenzie Pass when you were enjoying your root beer float from Coppertone. See you down the trail, Snail.

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