Day 146 – 2 Days to Go

6th September
Woke up to a cold cold morning not much fun now my sleeping pad has failed me quickly took s bathroom break
then fired up my stove. Da vinchi was stirring too as I began to strip down camp. Then a hiker called Aya passed by see you guys up the trail she called. Then smooth operator came by morning Snail morning Da vinchi
Snail you’re the man carrying that champagne you going to spray it everywhere.


No way had I said if I’m carry that far I’m not going to waste a drop!!!
Da vinchi and I joined the trail it was going to be a morning of ups an afternoon of downs and an evening of more ups just perfect
we hadn’t gone far on the climb when I needed to stop to remove a layer as it was roasting all ready. Up and up we went as usual the views got steadily wasn’t long before we were climbing over the saddle wow what amazing views into the next valley and immediately across you could make out the trail winding its way up the other side of the mountain
That looks like our trail Da vinchi
We took a 5 minute break and both stared at what we we’re seeing
Then we began down with was steep and fairly slippy due to the gravel.
Down and down and down it very much reminded us of the desert in fact we could of been in it no trees rocky and sandy
Then it was the climb up the other side it started shallow then climbed sharply there were numerous springs so we decided to top up before continuing on.
The trail began to get very narrow and Sharpe drops to the sides and in places it was very scary where the rain and floods had washed away the trail. I had to cross these large gullies carefully as the rock was loose and sand slippy. Gradually we made our way across and up we were now heading for granite pass.
Lunch soon Da vinchi? Yes snail when we get to the top 20minutes
we ploughed on and up then we began to drop down into a small valley.
Great spot for lunch so we diverted to the grassy bank Aya was there too do we invited her to join us for lunch
sadly she had recently broken up from. Her husband do she was out here hiking just Washington
we relaxed over lunch then headed back to the trail. Aya joined us but didn’t have our pace so we told her where we were camping if she wanted to chow down with us
At last we came over the saddle of Granite pass it was now down whoop
In the sand was a Canada marker we both took pictures then headed down the trail we passed a couple who were camping nearby and chatted to them for a while. Then we topped up with water.
The next section was a lovely trip through the forest which was .nice and cool and still down .Da vinchi and I told each other silly jokes and the miles seemed to fly by

%0 miles to go
20140906_132419 - Copy

We then caught back up with Aya who was taking a break so we stopped too
We checked our maps as both our GPS don’t seem to work in this part of Washington .We thought another 5 miles but would water up in 2 for the evening .At the creek we met the couple from earlier as this is where they were camping. We filled up our water from the creek and as we went to leave Aya arrived we told her we were going 2.5 more miles then camping for the night
That next hour was steep and hot and my backpack began to hurt me plus there was Huckleberries yummy
We were playing the marmot game too Alan Alan Alan. ………Steve Steve
we had about six switchbacks to go up then at last the campsite.
It had rom for about 6 tents Da vinchi soon had his up and mine shortly after. Then Aya arrived she put her tent behind ours. We all began cooking tea.
Then long legs and Nature arrived room for two more?
Yes plenty of space .They set up their two tents then began cooking too
Then Foxxy appeared in the dark he had done 40 miles and wanted 2 more so hiked on
The rest of us headed for bed


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