Day 144 Stehekin (my favourite place)

4th September
Woke up with the sun still shinning that’s always a good start. But I couldn’t get out of bed my alarm went off again Come on snail or your miss the bus
I frantically packed up then set off ear buds in I had two hours to catch that bus
5 miles I can do this I crossed the first creek where I had watered up and ploughed on down the trail
I felt good and Canada was getting nearer whoop whoop
I was singing along to nothing in particular enjoying my 5 mile March but still accompanied by the roar of water. Now and then id peek over the canyon and stare at the cascading water but not for too long I just didn’t have the time
Up and down I meandered the clock ticking down on my wrist at last a bridge and signage pointing to high Bridge fantastic I’m not far
I crossed the bridge a small climb then down yes I can see the bridge in the distance
I was soon crossing it and in the distance were several hikers
One waved at me .Great it was artic fox and a hiker called Maddie.
As we said our hellos a smart red bus arrived.

Transport to town

Several hikers got off one being French Paul we had a hug said good luck to each other and then he took me to the river to see the trout there were loads of them and shortly they would be running upstream
I said my goodbyes and boarded the bus. $ 7 to town.
First stop the lodge. Great they had gas (butane) I quickly brought one. When I got back the bus was packed. I chatted to a lady about the area .The next stop was the bakery. Its famous for just being good. I spent fortune or rather I could have done. A huge sticky bun a cheese and bacon slice and a coffee.
When I got back on the bus the lady was telling me where everything was in Stehekin the post office .the store shower etc.
The bus bumped its way along the dirt track to town passing a recently cleared mud slide!!!
At last town I said I’d see her later and got off at the post office
I had four parcels. My ice axe (don’t ask) a book, my resupply and some tea. Great I was out of tea so Thanks Bill
I then ransacked the hiker box and stuffed my pack. Mm something is missing I went back to the post office to check on a fifth parcel. No but it may be at the store
I staggered down to the store and up on the deck.
OMG such a beautiful place and it can only be reached by boat ,seaplane or hike in like us
The lady on the bus was there waiting for her boat to take her to Chelan
She offered to look after my pack while i went and had a shower and laundry. But first I plugged in all my gadgets to charge.
As I was walking to the shower I walked into Da-vinchi. So good to see him
He was camping up the road so we agreed to meet later for a beer maybe two 🙂
I threw my dirty clothes into the machine then realised I had no soap so had to run back to the store where I bumped into Feast. Beer in 25 minutes he said
I ran back to the laundry and put on the machine then jumped into the shower mmm it felt so good

a bottle Champagne For me to carry
Early Bee & Snail
My Drinking Partner

I dried in the sun as no towel then waited for the wash to finish so I could then dry 20 minutes later all done and me clean I walked back to the store
I found a nice table brought some post cards and a 6 pack and relaxed in the sun watching people arrive on the ferry and seaplane. It’s just utterly beautiful here I want to come back and do the ferry ride to the next town
Then I remembered the missing parcel I was expecting a small bottle of sparkling wine (Champagne) from Gwyn.. I checked inside the store and came out with a large heavy box.
I cautiously opened it…Inside was a large glass bottle of “Champagne”
Feast who was watching me said
“SNAILTRAINER” you’re the man
So Gwyn THANK YOU so much it was far more than I had expected
The news spread quickly that “SNAILTRAINER” was carrying a large bottle of champagne to Canada And everyone who knows me knows mine is the heaviest pack on the PCT
And it just got a lot heavier lol
I finished my postcards and was wading through my beer when Da vinchi arrived so we ordered another 6 pack just in case.

The view from the Deck
Transport in

Then Omg “Early Bee” arrived this is the other guy that I started with on the 17th of April bloody hell we hugged and gave him a beer and then showed him my shinny bottle of bubbles. Best I wait for you at the monument then snail lol
Later we had to sign in to the campsite that we wanted to stay at we thought 5 miles will do to finish off the day.
We enjoyed the rest of the day with more beer a huge bag of corn chips and endless bowls of salsa
Before it was time to take the last bus back to the trail
We were hoping to call back at the bakery to get stuff for tea but it was closed dam and bugger oh well
We got back on the bus and headed back to the trail rather gloomy and hungry. We hoisted our packs onto our backs and headed north but it was late we were tired and so we only managed 3/4 of a mile before we both yelled together FLATSPOT!! Lol
we put up our tents had a hot drink and we were both soon zzzzzz

Another way in !!
Time to go

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