Day 143 getting closer


3rd September
rain was still falling as I awoke I could see a light to my right obviously he was going for it
I surveyed the inside of my tent it was damp it was all damp
My alarm went off I silenced it too early to move or rather too wet
After an hour the rain was silent. I quickly packed up. And emerged from it . my tent looked a mess due to mud
Splash. ..oh well
I quickly pulled off my sodden fly and dropped my tent..I folded it up trying not to spread the mud. A near impossibility. Okay are we good to go
I rejoined the trail and crossed my first bridge over my first Creek of the dsy and began to climb .


I hadn’t gone far when Feast appeared behind me . Where did you come from I asked. He and some other hikers had had a zero at one of the lakes. I said to feast how badly I had been struggling  with this section. Feast agreed although he was twice as fast as me.!!!
Snail you getting into Town today?
I laughed no way I’m taking it easy
But snail its only 22 miles. And downhill after this climb
I said yeah right .but no ill see you for a beer tomorrow  im just going to cruise  till 5 pm and enjoy the day
But if I get there ill get  there.
Feast then shifted  gear and accelerated away saying  see YOU tomorrow SNAIL


I plodded on wondering how does he do that. My pack seems heavier today which is strange as its almost empty! !
But then all my gear is wet and damp
After almost two hours I stopped for a break and sat down on a log in the fog before I noticed that I was surrounded by blueberries but these were huge so I soon  filled my cup then added my cereal mmmmm yummy
As I ate breakfast the fog cleared revealing a huge mountain range OMG just fantastic.  As I walked on I could see huge glaciers and snow fields just so beautiful just wow bloody WOW
The trail now headed down.i was feeling good then I watched a huge bird soaring in the sky some sort of falcon with white beneath it’s wings. .The further I descended I noticed I was in a large basin on a glacial valley. The remains of the glacier above me with all the rocks boulders and rubbish down below.
I made my way  across and up the other side. Hmm more climbing up and up and over the next saddle again more amazing views of another fantastic valley.I had more glaciers to cross with numerous melt water creeks flowing down. Some had bridges some stepping stones..I hopped across then began to climb up and out before heading dow
My feet began to hurt a combination of wet socks and fact they were killing me!!
But I needed to keep going switchback after switchback. Hurrah the sun decided to come out. So I stopped glugged down some lemonade. Took off my hot wooly hat and rain jacket. Before getting back to the decent.
Feast had said it was flat after this all the way to town, but I wasn’t that optimistic. BUT I was heading down still with my feet killing me . okay lunch. I finished off my last bagel and any other scraps in my food bag
Okay lets look at these feet OMG  they were in bad shape the left worse than the right. They needed to dry out and dry socks and lots of TLC
I pondered for a while .I had a new pair of socks that I was saving
Yes I know !!!!!! Carrying spare socks but hey I need them now.I put them on and mmm they felt so good .still sore but not as bad.i hung the wet ones on my pack and set off
Luckily my shoes were dry and I needed to try and keep them that way.
I marched off down the trail feeling much better. I didn’t even notice the river flowing beside me as it was so gentle and quite until it began to drop and gather pace then it became a roar. .I followed it down then I panicked as the trail looked as if it forded the river. Oh no I have dry shoes and socks I don’t want to wade
But no the trail continued down stream where you could cross via a huge fallen tree. PHEW!!


I followed  the river on the other side for most of the day .through forests up and down small hills until the sound eventually faded away.
It was now 5 pm and as of yesterday I had decided to stop  and take it easy  plus I needed to rest my feet and hopefully dry out my tent and gear. I walked on for a while until I came to   a great campsite but I need water but yes I can hear water .
I walked a few yards and yes there was a creek  I topped up then walked  back. It was still a gorgeous sunny evening so i lay out my groundsheet to dry then did the same with my soaking fly. When both were dry I put up my tent then began to cook my supper it was so good to sit in the hot
Sun and enjoy my supper and relax
Wow just 5 miles to town tomorrow whoop


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