Day 137 Zero at Hiker Haven

28th August
I Woke at 6.30 early Thanks to the loud horn of an early morning train and then lay awake till I needed a wee
I eventually got up but due to camping on the grass the outer tent was wet. But hopefully the sun will soon dry it. I went through my gear I seem to be carrying more even though I keep dropping stuff.

The Dinsmores
The Dinsmores

I sorted through my maps worried about money but then decided to worry about it later and went for breakfast .eggs bacon and hash browns with  coffee .A great breakfast bloody tasty.  .

I still wanted a lift to the next town to REI and a man called Jim had offered to take me . But I couldn’t find him. I walked back to Hiker Haven then with fellow hikers we put all the trash onto the back of the pickup to take to the tip which was at the far end of town Maverick and I went with Jerry to dump it…on the way we stopped at Skykomish  garage ,i brought a pair of badly needed  sunglasses $6 bargain  and some snacks then onto the tip
Nearby the tip was an emergency runway for light planes and helicopters  to land to search for lost Hikers and local emergencies
Once back I managed to contact my bank to get my credit card limit increased just in case  !!!.Phew relief
Then I managed to get through to Virgin to get my flight details sorted another big relief phew.

THe wedding dress worn by a hiker
The wedding dress worn by a hiker
The Bunks
The Bunks

Then Jim arrived he could take me to the store at 6 pm great that will do.
I packed up my stuff and my now dry tent. Cooked myself some lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. During the day a steady stream of hikers kept arriving. Some stayed others just pass through. We organised a team photo which was good then Jim arrived another hiker called mermaid also  wanted to go to Rei .Off we went it was almost a two hour drive.
At last  REI  I swapped out my faulty shoes but they didn’t have my tent bugger .I went down to customer services and explained could they send me one overnight when the sales assistant produced one thank god
But as I was now in Washington I had to pay tax, I didn’t really understand but paid and soon we were heading back.
As I walked into the dorm I was greeted by Da vinchi and Dc .I hugged my mate Da Vinchi and Dc thrust a cold beer into my hand. Maverick then handed me my box of by now cold pizza well it was almost 9.30 but I still managed to plough  through it . helped  with  the odd beer .The rest ill have for breakfast. I ended up watching Austin Powers with the guys and gals then off to bed zzzz A good day :0)

The Boys Again
The Boys Again

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