Day 136 Heading to Haven

27th August
Good night’s sleep woke up all refreshed lit my stove and slowly packed while drinking tea.
I was just getting on the trail. When I hiker passed me. Mm he’s keen lol.. It made a nice change to start by going down.The trail wound its way down passing several lakes they looked so beautiful with the sun lighting them and the mist rising.  I pushed on heading for my first climb and it was steep very steep .don’t know what it is about Washington but I’m struggling with the hills up and up switchback after switchback higher and higher .shall I stop for breakfast or push on? I pushed on the trail was now up and down but gentle hills phew
Again I passed several lakes  I was miles away when several other hikers came past one called Salsa was chatty but where did they come from.
In the distance I could see another large hill but it must be ski area as I could make out a ski lift


I began to climb it was fairly shallow thank god it then crossed a dirt road
this will do for breakfast. I put down my pack and ate cereal. In the distance I could hear chainsaws  I presumed trail work. Yes when I got closer there were several men trimming trees ready for the ski season. .I continued up but as I climbed the trail seemed to get very busy with day hikers .But they were so pleased for me giving me great words of encouragement .I was very humbled .several said that they had left sodas by the trail head.
Eventually I got to the top, the ski area was quite slick so that you can ski in the dark.

Only a mile and a half to go but as I came down the other side I could see the full extent of the ski centre it was massive with runs all over .The lodge looked stunning too. I was tempted to get closer but it was the wrong way
I emerged into the parking lot grabbed a soda which I almost shotgunned  down .
I made my way to the road ,there was a toilet there and a trash can so I dropped all my trash. Several men chatted to me and wished me all the best. The other insisted I take a litre of water. I thanked them both then crossed the road and got ready to hitch.
Two men were walking to their car so I just asked if I was hitching the right way to Skykomish
Yes they said do you need a ride. ?
Yes please. I threw my pack into the back of their pickup and we were on our way they were both firemen.
They were very envious of my journey and we chatted all the way to the post office. I thanked them and waved goodbye.
Sat outside the post office was French Paul we chatted until the post office was open then we both got our packages .I wandered off looking for an ATM  as I was out of cash and I was a little worried but I’m sure it will work out (Fingers crossed)
The machine gave me money thank god. I went to the cafe and sat with French Paul and got a burger and a beer
I was just leaving when I was asked if I needed a ride to the Dinsmores. YES please

Andrea Kay Burr-Dinsmore RIP

July 1, 1949 – December 7, 2017

The stars were bright over the Baring, Washington, Hiker Haven home during the early morning hours of Dec. 7, 2017, when heaven welcomed trail angel, wife, mom, grandma and PCT Mom Andrea Kay Burr-Dinsmore. She lived life on her own terms and fought pancreatic cancer with the same spunk, finishing the trail at her home with family and her beloved dachshund, Bug.

I have to say it was lovely to meet both these people on my hike in 2014 and so sad such a lovely lady was taken
God bless xx
(Hiker Haven) is a place that hosts us hikers
I found a spot put up my tent .did laundry. Had a shower I’m clean again whoop.
Next chore phone REI  get my tent swapped as the seem has split and my shoes need replacing .but my card is maxed out so I need to hitch to the shop tomorrow its only 50 miles
I so love a challenge plus need to do the library and bits so another day here but my feet need resting
Oh tragic news my flip flops died today all say aw so something less to carry

I chilled with  other Hikers  then  hit  the  sack, I heard several  loud  horns  as  the trains  past  by then  I was  gone ZZZZZZ


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