Day 134

27th August
I was  determined to be on the trail early after two poor days I lept out of my bag at 5.30 put on my stove. I packed up and hit the trail at 6.30 hurrah. Just as I was leaving French Paul came by we chatted for a while see up the trail Paul.i couldn’t make up my mind whether to wear my waterproof trousers. I decided against .Wrong decision as the trail at this point was overgrown and so all the plants  were still wet so my shorts were soon wet  oh well!!
I came to my first small creek but I cant of been awake as I put my foot straight into the water so 1 wet food great start snail! !!
I pushed on knowing that it was going to.b ea big big climb up and up I chugged the minutes  going by but not as fast as the miles. .
I crossed so many streams and creaks mainly the same one due to the switchbacks
eventually I caught up with Paul who let me pass. Although I wasn’t a lot faster than him he followed me up to the top   two hours it took phew.but again you get rewarded with some fantastic views .
We followed the ridge for s while and through some burn which means log jumping or on this stretch rolling under.makes a change lol. then I passed through some stunning meadows beautiful aromas filled the air with bees and butterflies.
The trail then began to drop down to a lake but you could see that it climbed the other side. I was making my way down to the lake next I was lying g on the ground no injuries .this some one had swapped my shoes for clowns shoes as I did nothing but trip for most  of the morning. So  kept shouting duck or rather the other word
There was a melt that fed the  lake so I topped up  my water  then followed Paul up the trail.i followed Paul until my tummy told me that it was  breakfast
See you up the trail Paul.i found a nice spot and sat down then I realised that I was surrounded by blueberries. So I picked half a cupful and added cereal and to make it really exciting I added half a sachet of hot chocolate yummy.  I woofed that down then went off in search of Paul. But I didn’t think id catch him 

.But the trail was now down with great views of the mountains s fellow hiker told me theirs names but I could only remember the one was called  Bears breast .as I made my way down switchback after switchback. I passed about a dozen hikers all mainly out for  4/5 days down and down and down it seemed endless but I was more worried about the eventual up.. All l of a sudden a deer ran in front of me with two youngsters in tow then bounded up the mountain
Wish I could move that fast lol  .I was getting lower then I came to a small waterfall I topped  up as it was icy cold .

I continued on my journey down towards the bottom the nice trail guy’s had attacked the trail making the trail a pleasure to walk down. Thanks trail  volunteers fantastic job
Much nicer than forcing you way down a trail and being attacked by bushes etc
Eventually I came to a  clearing and there sat Paul, Freedom and Shredder
I was going to push on but decided to join them for lunch except I didn’t really have any lunch left  sob
But they had plenty so I left rather satisfied
Paul was going on 7 more miles that would do for me too but I wanted more if I could but I knew it was going to be a big steep climb and I was weary   .Shredder and Freedom were stopping about there too.
I let them go as they are far too fast .Paul let me go but I didn’t want to go that  fast so after an hour or so I stooped for a 5 min break. But then I struggled to get going .it was steep and made up of switchbacks up and up left and right and  right then left.
I met several more hikers we both wished each other safe journeys then back to the climb. Oh water I filled up so if I found a nice camp.i would stop even though id be low on miles again


But I was feeling good now and ploughed on. I then came to a huge lake there were many people in and around it .I also saw Paul getting ready to camp but I pushed on past shredder and Freedom  .I then met two rangers I chatted for a while they were waiting on a dozen volunteers to do some restoration work.I headed off and  up looking for the holy flat spot. As I was going up the volunteers were coming down but no there’s no flat spot .but my faith was in Gut hooks who said oh yes there is
And yes I found it may be not the one but this is better

229 to go whoop

A great spot great views
A great spot great views
Sun set
Sun set

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