Day 132 Nero from Snoqualmie

23rd August
Mmmm luxury comfort flushing toilet My trail alarm woke me at 6’am I nipped to the loo and plugged in my mp 3 player to charge. Put on another
Pot of coffee and dozed. I have payed for this room i’m going to make the most of it
Well it was one of the best sleeps I have had. .I poured myself a cup of coffee and finished up my chores .blog etc
I stared at all the clutter over the floor that normally is held within my pack.

Snail be brutal you do not need to carry it all .so I slimmed it down a bit as I packed up. I had three gas canisters all about a 1/4 .full .well they didn’t have any to sell at the store  and I didn’t want to run out.
At last I was packed every thing in.Yes its going to hurt but I had less than normal right! !
I checked out then had a quick peek through the hiker box Yes a nearly full gas so i dumped my 3 1/4 full ones.
As I waked towards the chevron I decided on breakfast and brought a scrumptious burrito. Cream cheese, spinach fried egg and bacon and a soda it was bloody good from Aardvark .

I checked the hiker box here too, two full cans of cold beer, Great ill carry those a treat for teatime. I hoisted up my pack it groaned under the weight or was that me!!

A safe Bear
A safe Bear

I set off down the street looking for the trailhead .I spied it just past the flyover and began the climb it was going to be a long one well it normally is after resupply .The trail was very busy with day hikers walkers , some going up some coming down and all smelling clean lol
Then I spotted a snake black and yellow I grabbed my camera CARD FULL omg really. I put down my pack and found another card but then about a dozen people plus dogs had pushed by. But I got the snakes tail.


I continued on it was steep and i was fairly pleased with it being overcast
As I was sweating like crazy. God this pack is heavy  and its not that full.
Up and up I went hour by hour ticked by  and the top wasn’t in sight .People streamed past me in both directions .some stopped and chatted some just said high. After three hours I came to a clearing wow bloody wow the views were not disappointing I stood and stared for several minuet  took a heap of photos before moving on up.
Then there were huckleberries dam you huckleberries but I really was in no rush. I eventually came to the Cat Walk and again wow amazing !. Every way you looked was simply stunning  .Again I stopped and starred it was just amazing well worth the 3 hour climb
I got chatting to two American couples who took my picture.


By now my tummy was rumbling it was past a nice spot will do..I sat down in the sun and munched on some  cheese and nuts and glugged some lemonade.
God look at the time it was almost 3 pm and I had done so little mileage due to taking too many photos .chatting and huckleberries!!!
I set off hoping for the trail to be flat or down of course it was up…..
I pushed myself on knowing that every saddle I crossed gave me another amazing sight. And it did. This was another day when I didn’t really put my camera away
Every few yards it was click click click


I was now passing many lakes and most had several tents dotted around them. I would of joined them but it was still too   early and my mileage too low  but I realised that I should camp soon or I’d have to go on a lot further and I didn’t want to make that mistake again so at half past 5 when I came across a flat spot I put down my pack. Put up my tent then lay my fly out on the ground to dry a little
I quickly made tea then got supper cooking while it was cooking Knockout joined  me he was in two minds whether to go on but decided to eat with me. I drank my  beers that I had carried all day with my supper. Mmmm they tasted  so good
I fished off the evening with a hot chocolate and so to bed
Knockout then put up his tent


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