Day 131 Snoqualmie

22 August
I slept well and I was up early.
Stove lit and tea on the go
My tent was wet due yo the dew oh well I stripped it back and packed up drank my tea and I was ready to go
But I have lost my sunglasses I think I may of knocked them off my head pushing through bushes. I tried to retrace my steps but couldn’t see them . perhaps they may be in my pack? but sadly not.

I set off on the trail , that was damp due to the dew and so i i too soon was wet . I entered the forest and the path became wider . I had to  ford my first Creek not that deep and had nice stones do my feet remained dry.
OMG  so many fruit bushes, I must ignore them, well maybe just a few berries lol . I pushed on soon coming to another creek to ford and again my feet remained dry

It was a lovely day not too hot and i was making good progress . at the next spring I topped up my water . As i continued another range of mountains begin to appear. Not sure what they are but i’m sure ill get close soon lol
I pushed on until my watch pinged informing me that it was breakfast/ lunch.
I stopped and picked half a cup of huckleberries added my cereal then devoured all the remaining snacks in my food bag
I pushed on climbing climbing arriving at a small water fall , extremely beautiful .I ended up climbing up and over it where I came to another beautiful lake.
I sat by the lake for a few minutes before continuing on until i reached a sign telling me that i had 7 miles to go fantastic.
I was just about to walk on when a couple walked by we chatted for a while as we walked they gave me a couple of candy bars  which were greatly received. I then met another 4 day hikers we chatted for s while two are visiting the UK  shortly I recommended Cornwall which was on their list
Soon I could see the ski lifts I must be close .
Whoop at last I can see the town but as I approach the sky begins to turn black and dark


I begin to drop down into town one on flat ground and then  asked  for directions  for the  Chevron  .The sky  is  beginning to get  dark   not a good  sign. I walked along the road heading toward the Chevron .
The  Owner sends me towards the back of the store  and  into an old  “Fridge” which was filled with  resupply boxes . I searched  for  mine  YES   my stuff was here my food and shoes.
I carried my gear  outside and began to  sort  out my food  Then the heavens opened
Omg  I was  completely unprepared  several hikers pass by,  they all seem to be are staying at the motel   its a bit expensive but its my option plus I can charge all my devices. But i’m dangerously low on money’

I decide if they accept my card I will stay.Yes   So I book in its a huge room .
I put on coffee then walk back to the store for some beer and bits.
I enjoy a relaxing shower wash my clothes  then relax with a hot coffee  and watch some tv.catch up on my blog and other chores and enjoy an ale or two :0)

Looking Down to Snoqualimie
Looking Down to Snoqualimie
Friendly Bears
Friendly Bears

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