Day 129 Painfully slow

20th August
I felt the pain around 2 am I knew what it was shit and bugger. I felt for my first aid pouch and dropped 4 vitamin I’s  I hadn’t bothered getting any more Naproxen  because every thing was behaving well almost.i tried to get back to sleep but my foot throbbed and I was worried about tomorrow.
I suffer from gout it affects the joint especially in my toes. It feels like walking on broken I am  normally very careful with what I eat
And my diet hasn’t changed much.
I woke at six the pain was still there bugger bugger at seven I decided I needed to move.  But it was very windy and cold.I cursed myself for sending my balaclava and my woolly had to Canada .
I put on an extra layer got ready then slowly put on my shoes ouch ouch bloody OUCH and FUCK.
I didn’t do them up while I wrestled with my tent in the wind then gave up and just shoved it in my pack. Right I was ready .i put on my jacket my gloves. A scarf around my neck then tightened the laces bugger bugger this is going to be a very long painful day.i took off my pack and swallowed 4 codeine put my pack back on  and tottered to the trail. It was so bloody painful I limped I shuffled I sort of hopped. I needed to make sure my right   foot hit the ground flat lol Now there’s a challenge. Today was foggy and cold so nothing to see which was fine as I just wanted to concentrate on where I was putting my foot. I then heard giggles it was Freedom and Shredder who must of camped on the hill. 5 minutes later I heard the clicking of poles as they caught me up .
Guys do any of you have any spare Vit I .
Freedom did I took a handful from her and swallowed 6 .kill or cure!!!  i explained to them what gout was  Thanks guys see you up the trail. I hobbled on waiting for the meds to kick in (hopefully) I knew it was going to be a lot of climbs again and  so i thought to myself ill be happy  if I can get to 3 pm .
I stumbled on it was the log game again I’d missed this  over under over over around under and over.and to make it more exciting lets have some fog. I pushed on up  it was still cold but I was  warm so I stopped to remove my jacket. The trail ran just below the ridges of the mountains but you couldn’t see anything  .on and on  I went mainly up .The sun was doing its best to shine but the fog was winning. I suddenly became very tired may be too many meds at once. I checked my watch amazingly it was 12 pm lunch.i found a spot and decided I ought to have a hot cup of tea .That did the trick and i felt much better but I did take another codeine.
I pushed on I had done 8 miles if I can do another 8 that will be fine considering..I put in my ear buds turned up the volume and went for it
Well sort of went for it as every forth step was a swear word as my foot landed wrong. But I was winning and the sun was now beginning to shine.
At 3 pm I stopped for a break checked my GPS mm mile 2360 looks good a campsite with a spring perfect..I moved on my foot still aching but I seemed to have blocked it out great for now. The miles were tumbling slowly when i  emerged into a lovely meadow. There is a ski hut built here which anyone can use. So I thought I’d take s look . there were several tents in the meadow. But as I got closer a man called Robert was staying inside with his kid and several friends.You hungry he calls so I ended up staying for beans and hot-dogs
Then the boys showed me their Guns.The boys are aged from  11 to 15 and they have some scary weapons a M16 several other rifles which I cant name a glock pistol now these are serious guns and we get excited  in the UK for carrying a penknife

The Kids M16
The Kids M16

But the kids all seem to know there stuff especially safety. Well the ammo isn’t cheap as some of the guns have magazines.Robert says if there weren’t campers in the meadow i could fire them all! !!!
I stay for one more beer but want to get in those few extra miles.So I thank them all.  for showing me their “TOYS” and for dinner. Then its back to the trail i’m guessing I have five more miles and of course its uphill  and worse it is  lined with salmon berries. Blueberries, Huckleberries and thimble berries


so I’m not going that fast..I eventually drag myself away as the light is fading and I still need to set up
Eventually I find the camp j drop my pack and look for water .its s few yards away and  ice cold I drink s few cupful straight down then top up my bottles.
I soon get my tent up and  it’s not long before i’m drinking a hot cup of tea

Miles to go. 306 🙂

Huckleberries V Blueberries
Huckleberries V Blueberries

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