Day 127

19th August
Lept out of bed fairly early and was walking up the trail by 6.45
I had the rest of the hill to do
I was fairly pleased that I stopped when I did as I couldn’t see any place to stop  .Up  and up I went  higher and higher .there were amazing views of the valley all shrouded in mist  with the tops of mountains sticking through. I then met the family I psssed yesterday who offered me more food and candy..I politely refused as I was fully laden but thanked them anyway. I pushed on through forests snd meadows. Then I turned a corner and OMG it was mount Rainer whst a gorgeous epic mountain just wow! !! I stared st it forcs while then moved on and it seemed tp to vanish it was almost an hour before it reappeared.but a better angel I took some snaps then moved on..I then met a couple who were hiking to Crater Lake   we chatted a while before I  moved on.then met a dad and his two young daughters who were out for the weekend I was impressed at their neat packs.
I At last came to a spring where I refilled mywater.asI was topping up Pilsbury came past I followrd her gor a while then Nija Tank appeared. .good yo see you I said as he had been ill and off trail for 5 days.
At last time for breakfast and as I sst down I noticed that the bushes   were full of blueberries do I picked half a cup full to mix with my cereal yummy
As I sat munching “water melon” and Jukebox came by. Hi  I said, hiya snail  see you up the trail they said
I set off again the sun was now hot and my head was leaking. Phew  some shade pleasde
I passed some gorgeous lakes with clear blue sparkly the water I was tempted but needed to get on .the scenery was just amazing as always but then it was time to climb .up and up but the trail seemed to quickly get busy with “tourists and day hikers” we must be nesr civilisation lol.asI climbed I met two Pct trail workers mending a bridge  I told them about the deserted camp.then carried on up phew it was a climb up and up  .wow  more amazing views then it was the distance i could see a road and more amazing mountains and peeks and a very long glacial valley.
The trail wound its way down backed by a high granite balustrade .This must be a popular place as i saw so so many  families going the other way.
When I got to the rosd there was s fine wooden  bridge across which read welcome to Rainer  park. I crossed the bridge and made my way to the parking lot. At the far end sat watermelon .jukebox snd Pilsbury eating lunch I joined then and then chilled out for an hour before we all set off together but they were all soon in the distance. .I eventuslly caught up why they were filling up with water from a lake. Then it was another  big climb .it was steep and there were many switchbacks and it was hot at last I  was over the saddle. I stopped for 5 minutes. By then the other three were out of sight in the valley. The trail followed the contours of the mountsin so you could trace the trail going off into the distance
I set off after them but doubted I would catch them..In the distance I could see another ski lodge, the runs and the chair lifts but no snow. As I chugged up another pass I could see the guys resting. Snail there is cell service Pilsbury said. funny there always is near a ski center.So I  posted a few bits on was now 5pm my feet were killing  me especially my right foot today. The guys wanted to do 7 more miles 5 would do me as it was all climbs today. So I my see you in seven  but I doubt it.
I set off again after taking some painkillers but more slowly as my right foot was so sore  No reason for it to be painful. I plodded on then it began to get really cold  brrr I crossed another saddle and it got colder still. No good i put on my jacket  almost 2  miles to go till water come on snail
At last water and just behind some trees were the guys. they were having dinner then moving on. I filled up with water then said im camping in the next mile .I plodded on down the road looking for the camp spot .then I spied a tent great I walked in to the trees and set up my tent. I then said hi to the other tent .It happened to be tartan which made me laugh.
We ate supper together but it was getting colder so I went to snuggle in my tent

326 miles to go




Mount Rainer

Mount Rainer


Gorgeous Lake

Gorgeous Lake


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