Day 126 White Pass

17th August
After yesterdays amazing day and scary afternoon I treated myself to a lie in and so didn’t emerge till 7 am
I lit my stove and made tea as I packed up.the views from my Window (Tent) were pretty impressive and I felt fairly smug. But I needed to walk I had about 15 miles to to to get to white pass get my resupply box do my laundry and get out, maybe a cheeky beer. .I made my way back to the trail filled up with water then set off down the valley. It was still awe inspiring and i had to keep  stopping to stare at this amazing  beauty.
The next part of the trail headed down but it was pebble and so it was slow as its easy to fall.its not the falling its the hurting . As I made my way down I was joined by many ice melts that roared their way down the hills gouging out their own paths. Occasionally I had to leap a chasm or two  then the trail  continued on though meadows teeming with flowers and the sound of very busy bees.i began to climb up and up and it was now becoming warmer. Once up high I could see Adams  again wow it was beautiful  .then I descended into forest for several hours  .But with the sunlight bursting through they were very pretty. I began to wind down in the distance I could see tents but when I got there it was an abandoned. Burnt tents but every thing left
Tables chairs gas , I learnt later this is a typical Elk hunters camp. They bring it up  by pack horse then leave it after the hunting season so it was a mess
I continued on   but this section had loads of trees down some big ones that took some climbing over as I couldn’t get around them.
I pushed on then the trail began to climb again but this time quite sharply. Every now and then I’d catch a glimpse of a mountain..higher and higher phew it was hot .No good I needed a break. I stopped chugged some water  and then was attacked by biting black flies lovely. As i was doing my fly dance another day hiker arrived we chatted a while he had visited my home town of Oxford .

I pushed on up this steep hill but omg once at the top the mountains were all stacked up it was just wow with Adams  centre stage.i carried on up
As I crossed over the next saddle I could see a large crystal blue lake below it looked so inviting but it was miles below and I needed to get to town. As I crossed another saddle I greeted with another huge valley.
And on the hillside were goats about a dozen of them well it is called Goats wilderness.

The path wound its way across a large curve of mountain with spectacular views all around and DOWN !!!!

The trail was washed out in a few places but on the whole Safe lol
I continued on till I met three. Ladies who were eating lunch by the top of the ski slopes
If the chair lifts were running I could take them down to white pass but unfortunately not so it was the long way but there was no rush. And the views were fantastic ss I wound myself down the hill.soon I could hear traffic great cant be far now   then I noticed a paper plate hanging from a tree it read Trail magic ahead.
As I emerged at the trail head I noticed people cooking..The man (Coach) then said  would you like a burger. A beer a soda. I said yes.then noticed Hendrick was there and the Austrian hiker we both laughed when we saw each other    .I then sat down and enjoyed a beer and another and another and also ate three burgers  and fruit .Hendrick then left to hike on.
As I was sitting there Carlos arrived I hadn’t seen him since Mojave  we hugged then talked rubbish for  ten minutes and I had another beer
Coach then ran us into town.i got my resupply package and two new shirts then did my laundry
While waiting I charged up my phone and whoop whoop I had service so quick blog update and Facebook
Carlos then let me use his shower as he had a room so I was all clean
And with clean clothes. Just then French Paul  arrived and Tartan spooky but great to see them both.then Coach took us back to the trail head to finish off the food but I was stuffed but could squeeze in another beer .then shredder. Wilm who is now watermelon and Freedom arrived .shredder played his guitar as I drank more beer  oh well there is no hurry I plod out tomorrow
.we did a large photo call then the trail Angels  Coach and his wife first class packed up and insisted we ate and drank all the food so I had another beer and a huge slice of water melon.
Then it was time to put up my tent
Night all

Snail & Heindrick
Snail & Heindrick
Steve Ghan
Steve Ghan
Coach and First Class
Coach and First Class
Team Photo
Team Photo
water melon  Shredder
water melon Shredder
My normal pose
My normal pose
XXX and  Carlos
XXX and Carlos

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