Day 125 Knife edge and Snow

16th Aug
My alarm was bleeping I snoozed it
And then lay dozing staring at the roof of my tent didn’t look wet  :-). Finally I moved opened   the flap it was foggy but my tent was dry brilliant. I fired up my stove and while the water came to the boil I packed up . hoisted my pack .onto my back mmm it’s getting lighter or I am just getting used to it lol
I set off through the dark murky forest I knew there was a lot of climbing to-day and some climbs were going to be huge.i pushed on though the forest there were many tress down along the path but all had been cut.maybe a huge wind had passed through like a bowling balls knocking them over . even though it was foggy it was fairly warm in the forest and I was feeling good .tomorrow I’d be having a beer in white pass whoop and wearing clean clothes.
I pushed on coming out of the forest into a clearing I’m sure on s good day you could see for miles I just saw FOG.i wondered if it would lift and maybe I may catch a peek of mount Adams.  I was climbing but the trail was very overgrown and boggy It makes walking hard work I then dropped into more forest and stopped by a stream to fill up.if its ice-cold ill drink it otherwise on to the next. It was freezing and very tasty so I topped up my bottles .the trail meandered through the forest but it was still gloomy as the sun wasn’t penetrating
Then I was back to overgrown trail. .just wants a big mower to come down easy I thought .it hard work pushing your way through or sometimes fighting your way though.
I was busy winging to myself then I noticed a large rocky outcrop in front of me the fog was beginning to clear and I guessed this was going to be the first part of  today’s big climb I started up then decided the next nice spot ill take breakfast .I stopped on a grassy bank surrounded by huckleberry bushes I picked half a cup load then added my breakfast cereal bloody delicious I could eat them all day ..oh hang on I do  .I packed up and moved on  climbing climbing then OMG  the views were amazing .actually bloody amazing wow i stared for a few  minutes then moved on up higher round a few corners then Omg at last mount Adams wow and at the same time Ferrell Williams came on the radio singing I’m Happy so I had to sing and do the happy dance on top of my mountain

I really felt so good I had to shout i’m so HAPPY and love the PCT
I continued to climb and the views became even more spectacular this was now looking good Washington after 5 days of rain and fog .I then I  began to cross meadow after meadow full of flowers and the sound of bees .I pushed on then met a  family hiking for the weekend  .then several other day hikers all who smell clean lol..I thought I was making good time today  and was looking forward to lunch .well that’s not really true lunches on the PCT are dull it the break that I look forward too.
I was climbing again and in the distance I could still see Adams the whole valley and in front another outcrop with clouds swirling around  the top. I will stop there for lunch i decided..I made it to the saddle and really its an OMG OMG OMG Moment

I arrived at the saddle and the view was unbelievable a large row of mountains  at the rear with water falls (The cascades)
The views were just incredible. I sat and had my lunch  just staring at them I then took some video before sitting back down
As I sat staring at the view many hikers came by .I chatted to a few and a family who were on a long weekend hike the daughters were interested in  my hike and dad also wanted to do it someday

I moved on still amazed at what I was seeing .Above me to my right  the mountain was like the giants causeway in Ireland made up.of hexagons

Hexagon stones

again this amazed me.i moved on crossing several large glaciers.  in places  I had to jump across deep chasms  several feet wide what the water had gouged out
I was now heading for another saddle and again it was another triple OMG MOMENT!!!..Washington this is bloody amazing I don’t think that I have taken so many photos in one day. Click click click omg click omg
I dropped down into the valley jumping ice melts then continued on the trail. In the valley there were many tents and there were many people it seemed s very popular and busy spot

Guess there must be other trails in.
I began climbing again I checked my GPS yep this is the big one   .but every climb I came across another stunning mountain range .I believed my last climb was going to be old snowy
But stunning mountain views kept appearing. Snow i am now in snow a long long traverse but I’ve done snow so set off  once again I was just blown away by what my eyes were seeing

Time was getting on  but I thought I still had plenty  I crossed two more snow fields .it seemed like I was on top of the world .In the distance I noticed several hiker moving across a long cliff, guess that’s the way I have to go.
As they walked s huge boulder rolled down and across the trail bloody hell.i moved on meeting them half way  .now what I should have done was camped at the top but I decided to press on ……in hindsight this was very foolish and bloody scary.

I PASSED the other hikers asking how far to camp ? they said two hours but I thought I would find s flat spot before then I gingerly crossed the snow then I had shale which I hate .as I have to go really slow then I was on a scree   that was badly washed out and the drop was very very scary . actually you couldn’t see the drop for the mist and fog but it was there..At last I was on solid ground !! This was known as the knife-edge

What a view

They were not kidding it was a sheer drop either side. It was now very misty and the wind had got up .I have to say it scared the shit out off me as it went on and on
I have had a long day and I am tired, I am being blown about and there is a sheer drop both sides and yet still I was climbing and doing switchbacks.
I just want to get down and put up my tent. At last we are going down no no I am still climbing . I was on this edge for just over two hours at last i feel that i am descending, as I began my descend the sun came out the mist cleared and the views became amazing again. at last i was on lvel ground and in the distance i spied a clump of trees. I headed for them hoping that there may be a camping spot s flat spot a bit of   earth. Hurrah

I got my stove out first and as the water heated I threw tent and then collapsed into it
But wow every one the view from my tent is fantastic


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