Day 124 well um

I was hoping to wake to blue skies
but as usual I was wrong it was wet and misty, I was hoping to see this huge mountain called mount Adams but no chance. I lay in my tent watching my clock move around .okay ill make tea. I fired up my stove and while the water came to the boil I began to pack up .mm tea I love it almost as much as beer lol.
I finished packing and hit the trail 7.45 no hurry I said to myself .I plodded on up the trail .the mist hung in places making it all spooky and eerie especially as I walked through burn areas. This burn was fairly recent as they had only just reopened the trail do the smell of smoke still hung in the air. Now and then you could make out bit of mount Adams but not the whole mountain. Maybe tomorrow!! The trail was up and down but only gently likes a kid’s roller coaster. .sometimes there was an open space that I could stare through. But sadly all I could see was mist so not exciting at all. Come on sun I said to myself but not too hot. The sun was trying but it just stayed cold. Yes I was getting cold. I may have to put on my jacket. I tried to go faster to warm myself up then slipped and decided that was a bad idea .The terrain kept changing and soon I was climbing up through Lava .it amazes me how it got there well I know .but it still amazes me . I was now following glacier melt .milky white waters that gush down from the invisible mount Adams. Wow I then came to a huge wide glacier or rather what was left of it. Boulders and rocks carried down the mountain and a huge gouge in the ground again just amazing. Once I was across that
another obstacle of a glacier creek .very fast very cold and very white.
This time no hesitation straight across jumping from rock to rock. In fact I was very pleased with myself
Oh a little bit of sun, well if you had blinked you would have missed it oh well I then ran into a couple of hiking the weekend with their two dogs   we chatted s while then I pushed on. I then met a dozen scouts who were outdo for a 50 mile weekend. I wished them well and pushed on
Later I spotted several tents in the valley and they had llamas with them I guess for carrying the pack. I wanted to go be noisy but it was the other direction.

At last lunch I wearily sat down and rested swapped my wet socks for dry and ate lunch may be too quickly, as I was soon back on the trail…
What’s that noise thunder? No it was a dozen horses coming up the trail I moved over to let them by, they were some gorgeous horses. I chatted to the last two riders who guessed that I was a through hiker…
Now this section was now slow as I am stooping every few yards to stuff my face with huckleberries I love them yummy yum yum. I stopped for water then checked my GPS oh there’s a spring not far away. I was just moving when red came by We walked together to the spring. Camping just behind were another dozen scouts. These were older and were on a 100 mile hike. I chatted to their leader about their mileage and food. The scouts had to plan and carry their own food. The leader was impressed about my journey. I wished them all well and set off it was 3 pm I planned on walking to 5.30    without too many huckleberry stops lol.


Okay I thought mile 2264 seems good there is water and a camp spot.
But as I got near there was stagnant pond after pond and I didn’t fancy being eaten by mossies. So I pushed on more ponds grrr I wanted to put my tent up in sun to dry it out but I was now in a forest typical come on snail I said to encourage myself but I was then on a ledge typical I said I just want a flat spot no murky ponds and maybe some sun I ended up pushing on for several more miles I was tired so the best flat spot in the murky forest I took oh well this will do. I cooked dinner far too much oh well I tried to eat it but I was full
Think it’s bed time.




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