Day 123 Trout Lake

14th August
Right I’m on a mission today I need to get to Trout Lake or I’ll miss my new shoes. I really need them now as these ones are beginning to fall apart .
I was up packed and on the trail by 5 .30 and attacked the hills with renewed vigour lol well I wish I could perhaps a faster plod…earbuds in  music up loud. I had a target and no beer was involved. .
It was another cloudy cool day but I was sweating like a pig as I dragged my still heavy pack up these steep mountains again I’m in the forest so nothing to see .come on miles  I need you to keep falling .ping goes my watch come on snail soon be breakfast. Round and round and up and up ping went my watch great breakfast. I woofed down my cereal and was back on the trail quickly my left foot was aching was it due to that stupid  insert  oh well hopefully I’ll have some new shoes shortly I pushed on and on then I came to a road ..Hhmm I wondered   .could I get a hitch here to Trout Lake. ?
I wasn’t sure what side of the road I should be on but I choose to go right.
I thought I’ll give it an hour. And charge my phone at the same time. The minutes began to tick by okay I said to myself I will began walking at 40 minutes .Dead on 40 minutes a very posh car came around the corner. I put and my thumb and to my amazement it stopped. It was a lady. I said where I wanted to go. She hesitated for a moment then said I need to do my horse first. And the trunk opened. I put in my pack and got in, she had two dogs in the car we then drove to her daughters to feed the horse it was a beautiful colour. And her daughter also had pigs and chickens the pigs again were sort of bluish and they had the most beautiful duck I’ve ever seen it was a bluish green.  .we then went back to hers. She then made me scrambled eggs bacon and cheese and coffee
and fruit juice delicious .she then took me to Trout lake

Loved this duck
Loved this duck

.on the way Mount Adams proudly stood high above us. But the next minute it was covered in cloud. She. Then thought I needed a treat so we stopped for a huge cake and a beer bloody tasty both of them.
At last we arrived at the Post office I went in fingers crossed and came out with new trail runners Hurrah I quickly changed as I needed to return the worn out ones .perfect then  Carrie drove me back to the trail head.
We had a huge hug swapped addresses took photos of each other then I set off back to the trail and on to Canada Carrie is a trail Angel but she doesn’t publicise it but what a lovely lady

Trail Angel
Trail Angel

I marched on, after several hours I was in a big burn area and typically it began to rain I stopped and put my packs rain jacket on. I walked on for about another hour the rain getting heavier. I didn’t want to camp in  the burn as I had thoughts of trees  falling on me so I pushed on looking for a suitable spot At last a meadow and water I quickly got my tent up in the rain, threw all my gear in and brewed up. I lay in my tent starring out into the rain .At last it stopped then I saw a familiar face coming up the trail it was Big Sauce and he was as dry as a bone. “SNAIL” he shouted
I shouted back “how did you get behind me” I then told him about my trail. I thought he may  camp  by  me,  but he wanted to do another 5 miles Fool
I  bid him farewell see you up the trail .
It was so wet I was done, five minutes after he left the heavens opened again.
Supper hot chocolate and bed for me if I can sleep with the rain :0)
425 miles to Canada whoop
I later got up for a wee and noticed tents behind me  they were  Red’s & DC

Mount Adams
Mount Adams


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