Day 121 Climb every Mountain

13th August
My alarm went off so I ignored it and again and again.i dozed staring at the ceiling of my tent .The couple were up I could hear them giggling and clanking pots.its no use I need to get up .I packed my pack then emerged from my tent.stuffed the rest of my gear in then dropped my tent.
I refilled water then said my goodbyes and rejoined the trail ready to continue with my climb. There was no sun just mist  and where it had rained yesterday the plants were sodden and so it wasn’t long before I was soaked.I pushed on with my feet squelching. It was probably a fantastic view but all I could see was fog.up and up I went I guess id be doing this all nothing really to say.i normally go three hours but something was wrong with me left shoe so I came to a halt  .
The inner sole had wrinkled and   was hurting my foot.i took it out and tried to flatten it .I also chanfed my socks for dry ones squeezing almost a pint of water from each. I hung them on my pack to dry then had breakfast. .
The sun was doung it’s best to shine but the fog was currently winning. Bit the snakes were out I  csme across six 3 dark brown two yellow and black and a funny coloured one  sll the size of my small finget and all about 18 inches long.too fast for my camera thankfully .and aldo losf of greenish large slugs but no snails how sad lol
Around the next corner I noticed Foxxys tent morning  Mr fox   I said he would soon catch  me .up and up and up I went sometime switchbacks sometimes just a steep wasn’t long before Foxxy caught and passed me we walked a while then he was gone but then I caught him getting water at the next stream..I liked the woods we  we’re currently in as there was moss all around so it looked like a jungle , there were also some huge trees which I really love.
I plodded on my tummy rumbling and my back aching under the weight of my fully stocked pack.did I make a mistake switching packs?
Okay lunch I sat down on some rocks.
Cheese and ham tortillas for lunch  a few nuts and crisps and I was ready to go..except my left food was still . complaining. I hadnt said but I’ve lost 3 nails on this foot .mainly due to kicking rocks  but the pain was due to the rucked up insole. No good I pulled it out and shoved it in my packs pocket.i tried it mm seems okay so off I went still climbing climbi  I think at the end of the day I go down then the next day back up such fun  !!!!! At last I was at the top but todays climbing had exhausted me and I really fancied calling it a day but it was only just 3pm .I then came  across a girl called Prom Queen  .yes snail its down now …Phew.She was Sobo and yes it was down for her too lol.i set off feeling happier but still tired.  The hours ticked by but just tooo slowly. .but I was getting there I crossed several large creeks  by bridge .stopping at the last to refill with water as I was now lookung for a campsite as my watch pinged six.
Okay not a huge milage but I started late and have been climbing all day
I came to a large meadow this looks good I said to myself as I neared the end there were  several suitable spots I choose one and threw my tent up.
Soon I had a hot cup of tea in my hand and I was begining to relax
Only 480 miles to go whoop








Long Winding Trail




Camping in a Meadow



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