Day 121 The Bridge of Gods

12th August
I woke early too early and then dozed till 7 am .I wandered off to the park to have a last shower. God those showers are good really powerful. I put my shorts on and air-dried the rest of me .before wandering along the river bank. As I walked back I came across  Endure another Brit. .he was still waiting for his shoes to arrive at the post office.  I called into the garage and grabbed a coffee before heading back to Shrek’s.

I began to pack up god why do I always have so much stuff .I emptied my tent onto the picnic bench and began to sort again .do I really need this. I dumped rubbish and extra food I put into a hiker box. Hats looking better I said to myself. I had no switched back to my bigger pack so everything now fitted in :0)
I still had a box unopened so I took it to the post office to bounce.
Once back at Shrek’s I dropped my tent tied it too my pack and I was good to go. Strange Bird was cooking more hash browns so I joined him for the left overs and lion King then appeared with coffee.
I caught up with my blog then I had to go. I hoisted my pack onto my pack said goodbyes and strolled out
I just wanted some cheese and bits then I was good to go. As i crossed the road I met two hikers coming from the post office. so gave then a quick run through of shreks, the best pubs the laundry where the loos and showers were.
Okay Washington here I come as i headed towards the bridge.
The toll booth lady greeted me like an old friend  and high fived me told me I didn’t have to pay and wished me luck

Bridge of Gods

I stopped and took a few photos before striding out. Now I was so looking forward to this crossing but as I walked. Out I was almost frozen to the spot with fear! It was fairly and the road was mesh meaning that you could look right down into the river below.
OMG I clutched the hand rail tightly and my poles with the other and sort of shuffled across and it was a long way I had to stare straight ahead. I must of looked stupid at last I could see the other side and began to relax my grip on the handrail and enjoy the last few metres whoop whoop I’m now in Washington.

I crossed the road and joined the trail. If I didn’t know better I could have said I was on an English overgrown footpath. It was covered in brambles. Stinging nettles. And those plants with the large balls that get stuck in your clothes and hair and other common English weeds. At last the trail was cut back and wide as. Began to climb. I knew it was going to be a tough day with lots of climbing and of course a full heavy pack
But I was feeling great only 480 miles to go thank you all for all your encouragement and comments. I wasn’t sure if I could get halfway

I’m almost there so thank you again everyone .I really appreciate it.
The wind began to pick up then there was a bright flash. Looks like I might be getting wet. Then there was an almighty BANG!!! which scared the shit out of me the thunder was so loud then it echoed all-round the valley OMG…..I pressed on as fast as I could as I was climbing up hill and would be all day .luckily I was in trees so I was staying fairly dry. But I stopped to put on my packs rain jacket and mine .I find I get just as wet with my jacket on as I just sweat
I pushed on for three hours before having to stop for a was a nice spot I could camp here but it was only 4 pm I do another hour I said to myself and hoisted my pack onto my back. The rain had stopped but I was still getting soaked from all the plants up and up I went this bit was steep then great my favourite terrain ROCK. I stumbled over it and then some more and then some more .well I can’t camp here. Come on flat spot as my watch pinged 5 pm nothing then more rock to navigate around but this was a long stretch click clack my feet went as I walked over the stone. I was now tired, heavy pack, uphill and soaked .Oh a tent. I first thought it was Da-Vinchi but it was a couple. Would you mind if I was to join you?
The guy was from New Zealand she was Australian but lived in the USA.
I put up my tent and enjoyed a nice cup of tea. Then made dinner
then a familiar face appeared on the trail it was Foxxy. We chatted a while he had spent a few days in Portland
and had a new pack. Then he was off .he was trying to finish the climb tonight. I will finish it tomorrow.
Then Bed


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