Day 120 Another Zero and Resupply

11 August
I woke early and wandered down into town to use the facilities then got a drink from the garage before heading.  back  Big juice was still asleep. So I began sorting through my gear .
Eventually strange bird woke and began cooking breakfast on a electric grill .He made hash browns and pancakes which were delicious especially covered in maple syrup
Eventually Big sauce emerged well we were going for breakfast at 8 am it was now almost 11.
I went to the post office with my tent and gear that I had mailed at the beginning of the trail plus all my spare kit.the cost was $ 100 bucks to Canada omg !!!

In hindsight it would have been cheaper to post it back to the UK

I walked back with several postal boxes Big sauce was getting ready to head out and the temperature was beging to rise.
I built the boxes and filled them with food for the four towns. Strange bird was heading to walmart with Lion King did I want to come?

My Resupply for Washington

Well yes  but I also  wanted to get my resupply boxes posted. So off to the post office again the box to Canada  $50 bucks the others $40..
All done so then to the store to grab some bits for lunch .Whilst in the store I bumped into Timberline and his wife.we chatted for a while then I headed back to Shreks to chill and eat lunch its almost a 100°
I’m heading out tomorrow early. Its too hot and forecast storms for later
I sat  in the shade and relaxed  drinking my beer and munching my sandwich i received an email from Da-vinchi, he was in town so I went to find him for  for a beer.
We ended up at the brewery , sat by the river, chilled as we watching the boats

A Beer with my Mate Da Vinchi

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