Day 119 Zero in cascade locks

10th August
I slept really well but needed the loo
As Shrek has no facilities I had to wander down to the garage
The town was hosting a half marathon so it was a festive atmosphere.
After my garage break I wandered off to the laundry to check how much it was .The owner was there and he gave me change  and a packet of powder
I headed back to my tent to get my dirty clothes, passing tartan and his son heading the other way .Snail  we have soap great I said I. Just getting  my clothes. I rejoined them several minutes later and dumped my dirty clothes into the machine .They were all brand new machines. So washed my clothes really well .we all sat together chatting and passing time as our clothes now dried.
We wandered back together. I wanted to hitch to the next  town to buy some jeans to wear home so was trying to find if any stores sold Levis in Hood River. Strange bird said well I have to go to Portland later to pick up some hikers  I’m sure we can get some there!!!
Brilliant I said what time you going ?
He’s going lunch time so I decided to go to the park get a shower. $2 but what a fantastic shower..I air dried in the sun then wandered over to the marathon finishing line to be noisy. It was a great carnival atmosphere .I was given a free water bottle and entered several competitions. As I made my way back I bumped into Ridge runner and.   another Brit, we chatted for a while .
I made my way back to Shrek’s where Strange Bird was ready to go.we drove off passing a large dam hen followed the Colombia river, wow its a very wide river.

Driving Into Portland

Strange bird then spotted a store that should sell my Jeans  so we pulled in  great  two pairs acquired and a back to the road As we approached Portland  strange bird spotted s hiker so we picked him up.he was from Vancouver so I said great I may need a place to. Stay.
Your most welcome he said so that great if I need it .
We dropped him off in town. Then went to find our hikers .they were supposed to be at the we parked and sat at a cafe to wait with a cold beer.
Strange bird calls out Hiker Trash to my amazement its Hirobics, Hendrick and half & half we laughed  as we keep coming across each other

Snailtrainer, Hirobics, Hendrick and Half & Half
Snailtrainer, Hirobics, Hendrick and Half & Half

On the way back, Strange bird dropped them back by the bridge as they were heading straight out  .
As I got out of the car at Shrek’s the heat hit  me it was 100° phew and when i opened up my tent it was like an oven inside .
i had just finished sorting my gear when Big sauce appeared OMG  What the he’ll are you doing here. He had taken a week off to go to a wedding  and now was back on trail.
Once he was set up we both went shopping I was buying for 25 days
And will post 4 boxes up the trail

Foxxy & Snail

Back at Shrek’s I organised my shopping into drops while enjoying a few beer that sauce had brought
Then we went for a few beers at the bar to finish off the evening

Big Sauce

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