Day 118 Cascade Locks

9th August
It seemed to be a race between who woke up first or rather the sound of whose tent zipper moved first
At last I was up, I chatted to the ladies for far too long before before realising that i needed to get more water, then i could hit the ttail.

I was told that it was down all the way to Cascade Locks, and they were not lying as the first part of the trail was very very steep
Down and down i went almost falling, as  it was that steep. I then came to  a small falls  beautiful. I stayed  for several minutes before moving on.
It wasn’t that long before I came to another falls. Not huge  just really pretty  beautiful , I pushed on smaller falls joining  other falls to make  the large river which flowed down the trail

I passed by many day hikers  and  section hikers coming the other way as I followed the river. As I got lower the trail had many campsites, several with tents the river is now flowing over large flat rock planes. It looks fantastic and then small falls become larger and larger until it drops over and down into a gorge the trail is backed by a solid rock wall and there is a handrail which I sometimes needed. I stared at the falls for sometime before dragging myself away. I  carried on down the trail then turned a corner and OMG there was a magnificent falls and this one you can walk behind .Its name tunnel falls.its high but you can get so close as you walk behind it.The sound is deafening but wow what a sight.

eventually I drag myself away and carry on down the trail which  is now getting busier.Nice smelling people are passing me by.
I am surprised how busy the trail is  considering the trail head is six miles away. But this is a big tourist spot,as i’m walking I can hear lot of noise down in the canyon. I look over and there are about dozen people who are canyoning .This is when you float down the falls and rapids in a wet suit . It’s crazy nuts lol!!!!!
I  crossed a bridge called the high bridge yes it is high . The river runs beneath a very long way down  .I am now being passed by even more people, families,large groups of teenagers .The main  draw seems to be a place called the  punch bow la large swimming hole many feet below . I haven’t a clue how you get to it,but I could see loads of people swimming and hear their laughter.
I carried on down the trail, the  trail head  cant  be far  then i could see parked cars  , great this  must be  it The parking lot was packed as i walked through looking for a place to sit and  take five . I found a spot and  sat  down sat down with my pack. I had barely taken off my pack when i heard a  a voice say.Are you a PCT hiker?
Why yes I am  I said.
Do you want a ride to town?
Yes please. I put my pack in the boot and got in.he had a cold box of soda,water and beer. I  choose a beer.
Shrek’s or the park?  SHREK’S please .(Shrek is a trail angel) I said as I have  several boxes there.

Shreks Place

We soon arrived .I got my pack  out and  put it on the grass. SHREK  was away but a guy was looking after the place showed me around. Then the guy who gave me the ride asked if I wanted to see the park,so we drove there .He showed me where to camp if I wanted to, and the  showers etc.
By the park is a micro brewery so he asked if I had time for a beer!!!
Me time for a beer lol yes of course. It was such a a great place a perfect location. We sat in the sun  looking at the Columbia River with a beer Perfect
We had another then he dropped me back to Shrek’s .I put up my tent then asked if I had any packages? I did Indeed. I had 8 boxes,my bounce original stuff I sent from the trial on day tent and  all the other  spare kit I had posted  from the trail plus a few nice things  from home 🙂
It took me a while to sort and condense, i managed to get it  most of it in one  large box that I will send to Canada then home.
Right sorted I then decided to check out the store. As I got there I met Foxxy we did a tub of ice cream each, then went to check out the  other brewery  and get lunch. I had a scrumptious burger washed down with a beer or two. We  both left full and fat,i went back to my tent to organise my stuff. As I was chilling in the sun Tartan and his son mike arrived,we spent the next minutes taking the Mickie out of each other .later Liverpool Paul arrived,i hadn’t seen him for several months so again we caught up on gossip.
Later we went to the bar for another beer or two and I had plate of  nachos which was enormous. We were both chatting away when Ninja tank arrived. He had met his parents in cascade locks and now joined us for Beer.
We chatted for several hours before it was time to call it a night


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