Day 116 Timber line lodge

7th Aug

Get up get up my alarm was shouting at me
Reluctantly I was out of my bag by five am and I was walking by 5.45
I was heading for breakfast at Timerline  and yes it was up hill
I trudged up through the forest for almost an hour then out into a clearing and wow in front stood the very impressive mount Hood

Omg amazing ..I carried on up but the trail was sandy and soft so going was tough but I was getting nearer to the lodge .I turned the next corner and behind me was mount Jefferson and in front was Hood it is just mind blowing .over the crest of the hill I could see the lodge what an impressive  building. Built in wood in the 50’s I think and was the backdrop to the Shinning. Scary!!!!

I made my way up to the impressive wooden doors just inside was ridge runner.hiya I said then made my way upstairs..Freedom was there  too. I took off my pack and went and got coffee. Mm the coffee was good so I had another . breakfast was at  7.30   and as much as you can eat for 15 bucks ..Bargain.
Shredder arrived and Wilm so we got a table for six.the waitress served me a bucket of coffee and then it was time to attack the buffet..There were waffles  pancakes. eggs  ham.sausage .cheese yogurts, fruit every thing we all munched on  and on and on then Foxxy arrived to join the fun.coffees were topped up juices drank and plates cleared but we are hardcore PCT hikers and we were not yet back and forth we went until I was ready to explode. .

It was a fantastic buffet and we all left much heavier than when we arrived. I chose to relax a little in the lounge with my iced water and let my food digest while my phone charged.
I wanted to try their ales but they were not open yet.while relaxing a guy who I met on the trail came up to me .he was coordinator for the lodge . We talked for ages and he gave me some tips on places that I should see on the trail or side trail. and advice on some kit that I needed. I managed to order that on line as what a fab signal .I also managed to update my blog fantastic. I thought a few of the guys were going to help me drink the beer but they needed to move on.

I sat in the Rams Head bar and tried a few beers the first ice axe was a lovely IPA but it was 7% and served in 24 oz glass great lol I then tried a Canadian IPA and a  golden IPA all 5%.  Whilst admiring mount Hood through the was no good I better get out of here..oh great I can post my cards here that I gave carried for almost two weeks lol. well I needed a post office. So the cards are on there way from Timberline that I brought at Crater Lake.
I just needed the loo when I bumped in Davinchi SNAIL I heard a voice say
It was so good to see him so I ended up having another beer with him and his girlfriend .we caught up on the gossip and put the world to rights. But I needed to leave Right i’m off. then I walked straight into Darwin.
Snail you having a beer……. id love too but its now 5 pm and i be been here since 7 am  I have got to. Get out of here.

Getting Nearer

At last i made my way out of the complex and headed back to the trail it was a glorious summers evening and the trails were busy with visitors. Skiers. Snowboarders and other hikers. I pushed on id be lucky to get five miles in lol but tomorrow is another day.i chatted to many walkers and several told me I should camp in paradise camp a loop trail off of the PCT so I took the trail it was very beautiful with the  flowers in the meadows and mount hood behind
I found a great spot put up . my tent and decided that I had had a great day even though my mileage was very very low


2 thoughts on “Day 116 Timber line lodge

  1. Snailtrainer,

    Congrats on making it to the Columbia River. Ug and Kat here, the segment hikers who had just come in from Big Lake. We met you briefly at the Old McKenzie Hwy 242 as you were downing a root beer float from Coppertone. We’ll be following you as your progress into Washington. Happy trails.

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