Day 115 Heading to Timber Line

6th Aug
Not sure if its been that volcanic rock or the road walk but my right knees is  a little tender . I slept well but didn’t want to leap out of bed, eventually I emerged and packed up hitting the road just gone seven
I was pleased that it was cool with a gentle breeze as I plodded up the road ,this was a 21 mile road detour. I wasn’t quite sure how much of it I had covered last night but the remainder was waiting for me.
This road seemed to go on forever well it probably did as every corner  that i rounded the road snaked away .As I got to the top of one hill it ran away to another, I said a few rude words and pounded on.
I pounded that road hour by hour, its going to be a long  long day. I met a hiker coming the other way hi ya ..She was a Sobo  I wished her luck and returned to the crappy road plod plod plod another hour pinged by then another ping,right breakfast. I slurped  down water then munched my cereal, but the road was still there staring at me.
Okay road I shouted I put in my ear buds turned up the volume hit the road and zoned out ,as I was coming down one hill the amazing Mount Hood appeared in front of me bloody wow.
Its an another amazing mountain. .soon I was nearing the trail head hurrah.
At last I am back on the soft warm trail. Whoop. I almost ran into a pair of section hikers as I was laughing to myself.
I pushed on until I came to another huge lake, Timothy Lake, its man made but its vast with crystal blue waters. The trail follows it for many miles there were several boats moored along its shores.
The trail suddenly grew busier with day hikers, walkers with their dogs many several people on horse back.
I stopped at a creek and filled up with water and decided to also wash my socks. I put on clean and tied my washed ones to my pack to dry.

The trail is lined with huckleberry bushes which makes my hiking slow as i have to keep stopping every few yards to fill my gob with these tasty berries
I was busy chatting to another family, when shredder and Freedom passed by
Catch you later guys
I set off after them, soon catching them as they had stopped for lunch, I waved as i passed and marched off singing stupid song’s very loudly till my throat hurt. I was enjoying this part of the section when I recognised a hat  atop a resting hiker It was Timberline,
Hi mate I said stopping for a chat , he asked about my time in Bend. I told him of the great hospitality that I enjoyed and chilled out time.
We  hiked on together for several hours before I needed a break.
Timberline was camping several miles on at some lakes. I wanted to try and get to a place called Timberline so I could eat the buffet breakfast in the morning.
It was 12  more miles, I was hoping to get at least 4 miles from it.
I set off again, ear buds in music up, high full speed ahead.
I was completely zoned out until shredder crept up behind me and scared the shit out of me !!!
Thanks MATE !!! BASTARD !!
How far you going snail asked shredder.
I plan to do 1 more hour unless a camp spot appears first so will see you for breakfast

I watched them go as they are much faster than me . I crossed over a busy road and then the climbing started. Bugger, I don’t think i’m going to find a flat spot up there. Oh well and pushed on
Now and then i caught a glimpse of Mount Hood through the trees,a magnificent mountain covered in snow..
Up and up I went, nowhere for a tent especially not my tent. My watch pinged I had done my extra hour and still nowhere for my tent. Up and up Will that do ?, No not really and pushed further up
Okay i was now tired i spied a spot , It was a bit of a compromise but I was exhausted so it will have to do.
Tent up, not that level but i’m tired. I had just brewed up when Wilm came by .I told him shredder & Freedom were about an hour ahead.
See you for breakfast I shouted
And beer Wilm shouted back.
Breakfast is at 7 am .
I’ll be there I shouted back.
I drank my tea and ate supper the cup of tea tasted delicious so I had another
OMG I just checked my mileage I have done 35 miles is that right. Must of been that uneventfully crappy road walk lol. okay bed I have to be up early to get to breakfast bit like beer legs lol


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