Day 113 Olallie lakes



5 Aug
Slept like a log.too well as I didn’t want to get up …
I fired up my stove made tea then packed up and was on the trail by 7.
First chore  finish the climb from yesterday with fresh legs. As I began to climb I could see I was heading    into snow. .this could be fun I said. To myself. Higher and higher i went meeting many drifts  thst i had to cross but as it was early  the snow ws still  hard. Wow the views up here were spectacular  then I looked over the side ..There were several very wide snow fields oh well I thought here goes  I made my way across the first onr thdn stopped to take photos. Behind me appeared another figure. But I couldn’t see who it was until she got closer it ws freedom. We did the next few  fields together but as she walks like a gazelle  I couldn’t keep up
And im in No rush  and enjoy taking in the scenery. I was standing staring when Shredder appeared .Hiya snail
We walked together for a while catching up on the gossip. Then I said catch you at Olillie  lakes
Several sobos past me seeing a few more now as we get closer to Washington .
Funny my maps were telling me its mainly downhill today but im still climbing and I was puffing s little I checked my watch almost four hours must be time for breakfast
I ate cereal and rested .I was just getting ready to start when Wilm arrived see  you at Olielle lakes
Get the beers in lol Okay snail he shouted as he raced off into the distance..I plodded on  stopping every now and then to eat blueberries  yummy.
I finally arrived at the lakes. Sitting at the picnic bench was Foxxy, Shedder, Freedom. Wilm  and another lady.
I grabbed some beers and relaxed for an hour. The lady in the shop treated us to a whole fresh Pineapple. Grapes. Beans yummy.
The next part of the Trail was closed due to Forest fires so it was a long road walk.of 21 miles. Road walks are tough on the feet but it was the only option I walked out with Foxxy and we hit the road. It was a dirt road first that eventually became tarmac. We walked along but as the time ticked  by I was becoming aware that my kneee was hurting. Mmm that’s not good I need to hitch but this road was deserted .We eventually came to a turn off . Here was a water cash for us hikers I filled up as the next flat spot I came too I   was going to camp. I walked almost another hour before I found somewhere suitable. See you may be at timberline Foxxy
I cleared the ground then my tent was up  As I was getting organised I heard voices on the road. It was freedom Shredder and Wilm I thought that they were ahead but they had been swimming. See you up the trail guys  then i watched them leave.
I made my diner then zzz
Ill finish the road  walk tomorrow



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