Day 112. Shall we climb ?



Well what a night I just couldn’t sleep as  it was like Piccadilly circus outside my tent with deer. Not sure if it was the same two going round and round or a deer party.  But I counted  down the hours ill be getting up soon grrrrr
Bing bing bing it was 5 am right im getting up ..I put on my stove and made tea as I packed up and I was on the trail by six.yeah come on snailtrainer  lets do some miles.i bounded off down the trail as I knew I would have a fair bit of climbing to do
The sun was trying to rise but due to all the smoke from the forest fires it was a eairy light..I made my way through a burn area then the climb. But the tred was awful littered with rubbish ie stones ., bark and sticks   and many fallen trees making progress very slow and torturous. Bloody hell I  kept saying as I stumbled  time and time again. It was so frustrating aaaaaahhhh.
Soon I was high enough to see across the valleys. Still very smoky and hazy but you could at least see the mountains. Bloody amazing .I marched on water next then breakfast
I filled up with water there was one tent at the other end of the lake but I couldnt recognise the owner
After breakfast I tried to speed up as I had lost so much time on the climbs.
But the trail was still  heading up but at least I had a nice gentle breeze I passed several weekend hikers  and then I came to the trail closures but they were not very clear well lit would be nice to have you are here . as its quite difficult trying to match my map with theirs. But I was sure I had it right so set off. several hours later I saw a familiar face just about ready to hit the trail.It was Foxxy he doesn’t normally rise till lunch time but then hikes into the night.we hiked together for several hours before I stopped for lunch.
May see you at Timber Line Lodge I called
After lunch I pushed on but the miles were just not falling today bugger.
I then came to a raging  creek It was bloody scary.i walked up and down for several minutes trying to find a safe place to cross. This is glacier water and is milky white so you can’t see the bottom so you don’t know how deep.okay snail I took out my phone and put it in its water proof bag .Then off with my shoes and socks.
Right i am ready I gingerly ssteppedinto the raging water it was bloody freezing and fast the force almost taking my feet away. I really don’t like this I slowly moved one foot along testing the depth with my poles .At last I was across. I sat on rocks letting the sun dry my  feet and letting mmy heart slow down lol.
Right lets go as there was still a lot of UP to go and now the mossies appeared but  In force .I had deet on but then I had just waded through a river so its probably washed off.
I had to stop and reapply before I was eaten ..After that I took more photos of these fantastic mountains. But it was now 6.i hadn’t done the mileage I wanted  ill go to seven pm  but after another hour of climbing I called it a day. Bloody hell as I tried to put tent I was mobbed by mossies. Bug net on  .looks like im cooking tent.Not very  safe but the only way
Tea made now hot chocolate then zzzzz



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