Day 112 A perfect zero in Bend

3rd August

Well what a fantastic sleep although my built in trail alarm clock woke me at 6 am .but so lovely to doze  knowing that I don’t have to get up..I heard  Sid and Gail moving around upstairs
Then silence I dozed till  8.30 till needing to get up for a wee.
I went upstairs Gail had left me a note saying help myself to anything
I made tea then went and  sat on the mac. My blog is up to date and photos whoop my face book is up to date whoop so I was feeling very pleased with myself  .I uploaded some  video and more photos.  I was hungry so went and made myself a sandwich grabbed an apple and another cuppa  tea.I then tried to ring my girlfriend back home in the UK
Bugger voice mail oh well I left her a message.
I then rang my mum . She was so pleased to hear from me aw bless..I then rang my girlfriends mobile .hurrah. we chatted   briefly then she rang me back. We chatted for about 10   minutes caught up on gossip  lovely to hear her voice. It made my day

I then went and organised  some bits and pieces. Ordered a new copy of yogis book to take home with me  .ordered a new shirt on line as my white one has had it,then compared a few prices of kit  from USA to Uk
The jet boil here is $100 which equals £40 but in the uk its £130 which would equal $250 Why do we Brits pay so much  .
Then Sid and Gail arrived home and  complained I hadn’t eaten enough lol
Sid  then produced the largest punnet of blueberries I had ever seen that I i promptly waded through. Several cups of coffee later it was time to hit the trail. I packed up then Gail proceeded to give me more food, two burritos. Several cheese straws and a packet of spiced mango yummy. I took their photos hugged them both    I tried to give them money but they wouldn’t take any not even for fuel. I was then driven to the high way.i thanked Sid again. Then took my stance on the road it was about 20 minutes but Jed dropped me all the way to the trail head
He was so interested in doing the PCT
I told him he should save and do it
And do it now  before life gets in the way.
I thanked him for the ride and hit the trail it was 3.30 .I  wasn’t going to  go far especially as it was up for 5 miles I zoned out and pushed on ,stopping now and then to admire the view or say hi to hikers coming down.
As  I was taking a photo Wilm caught me up hes from Holland and very chilled. We  leapfrogged each other for the rest of the day. As I climbed the views were amazing but very hazy due to forest fires   SCARY!!!
It was now getting late a flat spot please.i then passed Wilm getting water I gave him a lighter as he had mislaid his, I  then pushed on and was followed by several deer. Funny I hadn’t seen any for days .Great a flat spot as I went to drop my  pack I spotted two tents so went to say hi
It was snow cone and purp  don’t ask lol
I set up my tent then ate my scrumptious burritos  ,cheese and mango then joined the girls for a few Jameson’s  then back to my tent for tea and I chatted to Wilm before turning in
Hey there are to deer outside my tent  lol night


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