Day 111 Heading to Bend

2nd August
I slept pretty well and  woke to the sound of otter hikers heading off  I put out my head to see juicy  pass.
See you up the trail,Juicy said as he strode off
I repeated it back to him.
By the time I emerged there was only 1 tent left apart from mine.

Bugger my fly was soaked due to condensation of being by the lake
I haven’t really mastered taking the tent down wet yet.
I packed up, leaving my sodden tent until last. I tried putting it on the outside of my pack, that didn’t work so I rolled it up with my tent, I will need to dry it as soon as i can.
Right all packed and off I struggled along a rough trail, then I came across shredder who was camped on the trail, he said he had given up looking for the spot and camped here. I didn’t blame him as it was a trek especially in the dark.
I walked back to the main camp, I have too much food this is crazy snail I said to myself. Once back at the camp I found the bathroom. The place was eerily quite, far too early for kids to be getting up lol
I made my way back to the hikers hut and attempted to shake down my pack, I always carry too much stuff although so put some of my spare food into the hiker box

I was charging my phone when shredder appeared, I couldn’t make my mind up weather to make tea or not.I wasted several hours here before deciding to hike out.
I decided to walk along the dirt road out and the intercept with the pct then hike to the pass to hitch. As I was walking a jeep slowed to a stop

I would offer you a lift to the road , but i’m full.
The jeep indeed was packed .
He then appeared to change his mind.
IF you ccan get your pack in i could take you to the road if you dont mind stnading on the back ?

I shoved my pack in then clung on to the roof bars standing on the Bumper (fender) and off we went.
It was bloody brilliant, exhilarating and dangerous , We drove past several ski resorts all mothballed until snow and many lovely little cabins.
One ski lift is still working so the mad idiots around here can take their bikes up and cycle down. Mad scary shit but then I am no Adrenalin junkie   well maybe a little.

Soon we arrive at the highway fantastic.
I thanked him, retrieved my pack before taking my normal hitching stanch
I was heading for Bend. I waited about 15 minutes before being picked up by Rob in his huge pickup. He was a diesel mechanic and could drop me at Sisters. We sped along passing a huge lake again just beautiful and then a large burn area from about 19 years ago that almost took out Sisters and sadly claimed the life of several fire fighters.
Sisters was a beautiful town but sadly didn’t have what I needed hence I was heading to bend.
Rob dropped me off and I began the second stage .
Once again I was soon picked up and was heading to bend. Jeremy was my driver. He was a tad strange, he said he was a pilot and in the SAS. He said that he had been shot in the head so I don’t really think he knew what was going on as his stories didn’t match. He was friends with the queen and flew with Prince William. Well it passed the time and soon we pulled up outside REI Brilliant I thanked him and struggled into the store with all my gear.

We haven’t got REI in the UK yet but it’s awesome, everything you need to play outdoors, Cycles, boats, camping, climbing just amazing. and they have a no quibble returns policy   they will just exchange it.

I went straight upstairs to get my feet measured. This was very odd the machine said I was a 10” but I have been wearing 13” so I tried on several pairs and decided that a 12 ½ fitted best. Then chose some new socks, new ear buds (headphones) a dry sack for my wet tent fly and some gas.

At the checkout I inquired if my account had been credited for my shoes and poles that didn’t arrive, it appeared not so that was a little worrying as I have about a month left … Hopefully they can get that sorted before I leave as  $300 bucks would be quite useful. I paid for my new gear ,the shoes and socks I am sending up the trail so I can swap if needed or to wear home  :0)
Whilst paying timberline arrived. He invited me to meet later for beer but as i was hoping to meet up with Gail so i declined.

My next stop was to find a battery for my phone..In America nothing is close so the shopping complex I was in was in the middle of nowhere.
Just outside the store were several couples having a coffee, I spoke to the first couple and asked if they were local yes indeed they were the lady was originally from Kent .I asked if she knew where I could get a battery for my phone. It so happens they were off to the AT&T store and would give me a ride. Once there I was disappointed but they suggested Best Buy across the street .so I wandered off there but again sadly no. The couple then offered to drive me to Batteries and Bulbs my last hope. I thanked them and wandered in to the store. Hurrah yes thy did. $30 cool then she preceded o try and sell me a new charger an external battery and a solar charger. I laughed and said great sales pitch but I have all that so just the battery please.

I left feeling relieved but hungry I need food, the lady had suggested Applebee’s   so I wandered off to find. I crossed the road and there it was I went inside it was a smart restaurant selling itself as a bar and grill. I was shown a seat then a pint of cool Delicious IPA was set before me. I ordered a salad to start that was one of the best salads I have ever had. I followed this with Fish and    chips again crisp gorgeous batter and another IPA but different sadly I can’t remember their names but they hit the spot. Now I don’t normally do this but yep ill have the desert brownie and ice-cream Ops it was a little large and so I needed another IPA to help it down don’t know what that one was either. Right now fed and watered I could do with a sleep. I made my way out and found a bench in the Shade where I rang Sid. I told him where I was and he would get me shortly. As I sat under my tree stream of kids mainly girls   all dressed in various Soccer kits  so many teams, where arriving in cars to be fed in subway Guess Saturday is Soccer.

Fantastic Sid arrives and we are on the way to his home with the dog sat on the back seat I have to cove up my watch, as he likes the reflection and like to chase it. WE crossed over the Deschutes river   which was full f families and kids doing what the Americans do beat enjoying their leisure time and into a quite suburb. I so like there housing its on three levels.

As soon as I enter  Gail shows me to my room hands me a towel shows we where the shower is and then pressed gorgeous yogurt drink into my hand. Then instructs me to put my clothes in the washer.
God that shower was so good. I change clothes and put on a robe then join them upstairs. WE chatted   for a while and find out about each other. Then im given a Mac book and the wireless pass code so I can catch up with stuff then they are both out shopping.  Just as they begin to drive out the thunder starts then hail big golf size stones which I haven’t seen since I lived in south Africa   many years ago. The sound is utterly deafening as they mash down setting off car alarms. I video a bit then get back to catching up with my blog

I am so amazed at people’s kindness and generosity they have just met me and now i’m alone in their house and ill be alone for much of the day tomorrow   just a huge thank you to you both.
All my devices were plugged in both phone batteries charged   and blog up to date and some video on face book I was feeling so good as my blog was getting behind and I wasn’t able to add pictures.
Oh it’s a silly thing but I love it their tumble dryer has alight on inside the cool is that. I removed my dried clothes and got dressed.

The dog sat  nervously at my side, as he didn’t like the thunder or the hail. He’s a mutt but a lovely soft mutt (big). At once he got up and began to get excited they must be home!
I cracked on with my blog then went to join them upstairs as it was dinner I ate two large bowls of spaghetti with home made pesto and Parmesan then a huge bowl of salad washed down with mirror Pond Pale ale which is brewed locally by the Deschutes Brewery. They are so tasty the ales here and so had to sample a few more   before bed
Think there is about 12 breweries in this town sadly I can’t stay longer lol.

Oh a nice soft bed and I don’t need to get up fantastic    night all and thanks again my two hosts Gail and Sid


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