Day 110 Big lake youth camp


The storm hit about midnight, rain lashing down but I was snuggly and warm in my bag in my tent

Then the wind came the tent was being whipped about but I lay there fairly comfortable   and safe, then I thought mm I hadn’t fastened the fly onto the tent.
I don’t normal bother as  the clips are usually sufficient but as I lay there I began to worry. So at 2 am I got up and clipped them on. Bashed the stakes in further just to be safe and back to bed  and fell asleep listening to the  ind howling  until I fell asleep.
I had planned to get up early but when the alarm went off at 5.30 am .I thought naw ,  and reset it for six.
When that went off I dozed, I was so tired I decided to eat breakfast in my tent a first for me and make tea.
As I was drinking my tea, hikers began to swarm by.
Bugger I thought I ought to get moving.
Hendrick came past followed by Freedom and Shredder who I hadn’t seen since Chester. They were shortly followed by half and half and snake bite.
It was getting busy out there . I threw my stuff in my pack and headed out.  Timberline passed me and stopped for a chat , ” Snail how did you get in front last time I saw you were packing up at 4.30″
I got second wind and pushed on i said
See you up the trail  maybe  the camp ?
I set off up the trail , water wasn’t far, I began to climb and met several day hikers going South. When I passed another beautiful waterfall, my guide said follow the stream back to where it is a spring or rather the source .
It wasn’t far and soon was filling up my bottles.
Suddenly a huge dog appeared, he was lovely and soft, soon his  owners Gail & Sid appeared  we chatted for a while they were from Bend a town several miles away.
I said I was hopefully going to be there tomorrow .
Gail asked where I was staying ?
I haven’t a clue I replied.
Gail then wrote down her phone number and told me to call when I was in town, then then gave me two sticks of cheese  (YUMMY)

I thanked them then hiked on I began to climb up a huge lava flow that seemed to go on forever. I began to meet more day hikers a sign civilisation is not far away

Snow, more snow I hadn’t seen snow in a while and it was a little surprising as I crossed from lava flow to another the had to climb down a small snow field. I was soon in some amazing meadows again, the landscape changes so quickly, I was climbing again to the backdrop of huge mountains sadly I’m not sure what they all are but they are impressive. Then I m dropping down more snow and again more gorgeous meadows and valleys

In the distance stand another three large mountains 1 is Mount Washington and I believe 1 is mount hood but I am not sure which.
Now an even bigger lava flow and this one is tough. Tough on your feet and on your shoes and slow as I need to concentrate. It seems to go on and on
I hate this terrain but it is the PCT some that I have done before they have put a layer of gravel over making it kinder for your feet but not here.

AT last a road but then more lava. The trail then drops down into a small trail head. as i walk through I see the familiar face of Coppertone.
He immediate gets up and makes me a root beer float which I quickly dispose of followed by a soda and two bananas.
I could sit here for hours but I need to get to the youth camp resupply and get out so hesitantly I get ready to leave,
What’s the trail like I ask?
Another two miles of lava snail, then 4 miles of burn
Great I replied and headed out.
Yes more lava and a climb, My favourite combination. But as I climbed the views where stunning.
More rumbling began, Perfect I said to myself, im going to get wet.
Boom went the thunder and a few drops of rain began to fall.
I quickly stopped put on my rain jacket then my packs rain jacket then whoosh.
The rain fell in huge drops.  big heavy raindrops  and I was now in a burn area with no shelter .
I was immediately soaked as I trudged on, no point in stopping as i needed to be somewhere. The rain continued before turning into hail bloody big hail that hurt.
Bloody fantastic I muttered to myself as slogged on, to add to the fun I then had climb numerous log .
Now in the dry this can be tricky but in torrential rain and hail it’s just not fun. I pressed on …at last a glimmer of sun. My rain jacket is great but when your hauling a heavy pack in it you sweat so I soaked inside. …Oh well
The sun then appears and its not long until I am sweating like a Donkey ,but don’t want to stop 

Eventually I need a break and can removed my jacket. I quickly Slurp down lemonade before moving off , I guessed that I had 3 miles to go.
I set off with beer legs, I was shifting before running into 6 weekend hikers. being sociable of course i stopped to chat, this lost me momentum and once again i began to plod, until i arrived at the 2000 miles marker.
Bloody hell, fantastic I said to myself and the beer legs appeared again and I was off at last the camp.

I made my way to reception to register for my package.
Well what an amazing camp it called Big Lake youth camp. And has many Chalets for hikers. Campers kids etc to stay in for weekends and longer   with large, mess hall etc

I got my resupply and hen he lady let me buy 2 sodas   I then walked to the hikers hut and was amazed to see the usual suspects here Shredder, Juicy, Timberline, Crusher and several others I didn’t know.
I tried to sort out my food but it was all rushed.

We were allowed to camp but on the outskirts f the camp which when your tired seemed miles away. I was hungry and needed a hot drink but I was too tired so put my tent up and fell in it


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