Day 109 the Sisters


31st July
I was up early but not as early as Crusher who was just walking down the trail, I soon followed him leaving the section hiker in his tent.
I wanted to do at least the same  mileage as yesterday may be more
I zoned out and pounded down the trail soon passing   crusher who was getting water . on wards I went while it was still cool Ping went my watch  great an hour down two more before breakfast. I passed numerous lakes some breathtakingly beautiful whilst other just large muddy puddles
Looks like I’m staying in the forest I said to myself and plodded on  .ping went my watch great as I was hungry.
At last it was breakfast as I crossed a stream I filled up my water and ate my breakfast then washed my socks before resuming walking.
I think I may of done an hour before I came across Crusher having his breakfast. Snail he said I have cell service with AT&T .Oh I said this was dangerous  as I spent far too long uploading blogs etc etc until my battery was dead.
Really  not clever!!!
I need to buy a new battery as the two I have are not holding charge  .I have been saying this for almost 3 months god I’m useless
As I have the brain of a goldfish I wasn’t sure if I was meeting Tarzan at mile 1975 or I was ringing him at mile 1975 see i’m I wasn’t sure and now had a dead phone I thought I ought to speed up except there were two large hills to climb bugger.but I was flying and sweating buckets and trying to fight off a cloud of mossies who were attacking me.
In the distance I could see one of the sisters a mountain range in Oregon. As I got closer there was s huge wall of rock around it perhaps from a glacier? .I was in a long wide meadow that was filled with lots of tiny butterflies the size of your little finger nail blue ones and red ones so dainty, and theses  meadows were filled with fantastic fragrances and colours.
This meadow ran along the huge stone wall then disappeared into another forest I spent the next several hours circling it before seeing the second sister.(mountain)  .Great …thunder began to boom out I laughed to myself it never rains in Oregon at this time of year !! crash it went again only louder. .mmmm I may be getting wet ,I wanted to go faster but again I was tired   it was 6 pm and I had done enough  i will walk to 6.30 I told myself then look for a flat spot unless the rain comes first
God as soon as you stop the mossies think its feeding time
I have to say they do get me down. They seem to just wear me out . But at last a flat spot and just over 29 miles..I made tea fighting with the mossies before surrendering to my tent


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