Day 108 a so so day

30th July
Apart from the male deer bellowing in the night I slept well but still struggled to get up as i kept snoozing my alarm
So I was on the trail by 6.45 .mmm must do better!!! lol
It was a cool morning with a light breeze just perfect as I pounded down  the   trail I hadn’t looked at the  profile so I didn’t know  if it was up down or flat…..A surprise lol I had gone about an hour when the mossies descended on me .so I stopped and sprayed myself with deet
But their are some tough buggers who don’t care ,so eventually I had yo stop again and put my bug net on ggrrrrr. off I went pounding down the trail,I haven’t seen any deer for a few days but I guess they are there  watching me. Soon it was breakfast time yummy cereal and lemon drink. While resting two hikers past me. see you up the trail they  shouted
Time to hike .I had spent most of the morning in the forest but as I dropped down their in front of me was another beautiful lake. As I needed water I detoured down a side trail to it.
Wow so beautiful I dropped my pack next minuted my clothes were in a pile and I was in the water.god it feet so good to be clean if only for a few minutes. I came ashore, then washed my clothes. As I sat drying in the sun crusher appeared. Whats it like ? he asked
Its perfect was my reply

Once my clothes we dry I headed back to the trail. The next section was through a big burn and OMG  it was hot,my watch read 95 and there was no shade. In the distance were the three sisters a large mountain range but I couldn’t really get a good photo. I was melting in the heat and  I had been in this burn for almost 3 hours so the next shade will be lunch.
While I rested in the shade crusher came past, he looked  exhausted too. ” bloody hot”  he said “I need water”. Several minutes later Timberline came through and said the exact same phrase
Soon it was time to hike but as I began to walk there was crash of thunder it rumbled .  I walked on  wondering if i was going to get wet?. It threatened all day  but at 5 pm the sky went black this is it I thought but I marched on crash went the thunder I seemed to be walking into it but I kept going, as  I wanted the miles so pushed on hoping to get to 7 pm or before the rain came . several spots of rain fell but nothing more  I then spied a few tents  by the lake that will do  I said.
One tent was Crushers and the other a section hikers  , I soon had my tent up  and  my  tea  on the  go before then it was zzzz

27 miles
Camp zzz


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