Day 107 shelter cove

29th July
I thought we were all leaving together at 7.30 but when I emerged from my tent at 6.30, Timberline was packed and ready to go.well its one thing that I have learnt out here and that’s not to rush so I watched him go.
I then packed up at a leisurely pace..I was ready to go at the sane time as Snakebite, we wandered off down the road together looking for the trail.
At the far end of the camp was a great shot of a mountain so I walked towards the lake to get a better view
Sleeping on the beach was Hendrick , Freedom and two other hikers I saud my good morning before re-jpoining the trail

Snakebite was cautious about which way to go , I just ploughed on .guess I must of have been right as snakebite soon came cruising past me.
I carried on at my normal pace until I came to snakebite standing in a dirt road  looking confused again. Once again  I just ploughed on and then several  minutes later he cruised past me again that made me laugh.
I was not long until i caught Snakebite again in his normal I am confused lost stance, staring at several forks
Once again i just carried on past him soon arriving at another campsite although this one is for horses. Dotted around were an assortment so amazing horse boxes ,they were like very posh motor homes .
By horse trailers were corrals for your horse, a fire ring a picnic bench and space for a few tents.a

As I walked through a lady said would you like a cinnamon roll
Why of course I would . we chatted away to her and her friends eating her cakes   and talking about horses until snake bite arrived he does make me smile   hes from. Alabama and I love his southern drawl. .I set off again as the lady had told me where the trail was. Several minutes later snakebite cruised past me yet again making me smile.
See you in shelter Cove and get me a beer
I marched on but then had to stop and coat myself in deet as the mossies were driving me nuts arrrrhhhh
Two hours later I stopped for breakfast and a sit down the sun was now out and it was warm . I guessed I was about 4 miles away from Shelter cove so there was no hurry. Time to walk. Soon I came to Diamond lakes so beautiful and unspoiled,


I paused for a few moments then walked on .the trail now began to drop and I could hear the sound of rushing water and soon I could see the Creek .I  took a few snaps although I guess I have a few hundred of rushing creeks lol.
Tap tap tap the guys from last nights camp had finally caught me up .I pulled over to let them pass as i’m never in a hurry and watched them go
Oh time for log jumping again   and a lot of crawling under,not far now I thought as several hikers passed me going south. Then I stopped to chat to two American couples. They were actually staying in shelter cove.
I crossed the railway line and i’m here whoop whoop
Now where is the shop.
As I walked up to the shop Blue sky’, Juicy and Hirobics cheered .Grams took my photo and then Juicy thrust a cold beer into my hand which I necked.
These stops are such good fun
Timberline,Freedom, Hendrick. Snakebite and 6 others where also here.
I grabbed a six pack ,signed for my resupply box  ordered a pizza  and then  went to join the guys on the deck.
To the amusement of all my hiker mates  I have brought yet another fishing pole.
There is a long story  attached to fishing poles but I will save that for later. so yes I have yet another POLE OR ROD
I then Plugged all my devices into socket to charge up,then i could relax
The first two beers slipped down so easily. I sorted through my box what a lot of stuff where’s it going to go.
Oh pizza I scoffed it and washed it down with more beer
Hirobics, Bluesky , Juicy  and Grams had been here for a while so were now getting ready to leave …
See you up the trail guys
As I sat chatting and chilling the  thunder returned bringing rain I sat it out for a while
I need to go i said putting on my packs rain coat
Okay snail lets go .I hoisted my pack onto my back OMG That is heavy.
As I marched out of the gate my old mate Foxxy appeared good to see you Foxxy.
We chatted a while then I made my way back to the trail
The rain had stopped but the thunder kept rumbling so I quickened my pace, I wasn’t going to go far maybe just five miles out and a good day tomorrow. I walked on struggling with my pack .yes its my fault I carry too much food and far too much water but that’s how I prefer it.
As I walked I came to three more amazing lakes. I felt like a dip. I felt like trying my new pole I felt like putting up my  tent and staying.
But no I needed more miles so reluctantly I walked on 
I’ll walk to six I said to myself  .ping 5 pm mm an hour to go.
I strolled on  till my watch pinged 6 pm  then began to look for a camp site That will do nicely bit close too the trail. but I don’t care lol.
I put tent and made tea, oh so refreshing, followed by couscous for tea with tuna, bacon bits and pumpkin seeds yummy..
I followed by a mocha then time to retreat into the tent away from the mossies

Shelter Cove
Shelter Cove

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