most  of  the  hikes  don’t tend to put on their  rain fly  on their  tents  but  I think it helps  keep me a little warmer so  it  was funny  last  night   to watch  or  rather listen to them al running around  when it began to  pour with rain  but  luckily  not  for  long

as I wanted to make an early  push  or  a least  put  some  miles in I  was first  up and  my gear was soon stowed. “”You off snail ” said a sleepy Juicy.   Yes mate, I said but your soon  catch me .None of the gang were up either but again they are fast and would soon catch me. We chatted last night about another route out of the lake but I decided to go out the way I came, they also  wanted  to  get  to another lake  later in the  day which sounded a good to me.

Time to walk, so I hoisted up my pack and headed off See you guys. I set off the way i came trying to put in some extra speed and  hopefully so extra miles . I thought i was making good progress and  was trying to guess where and when they would catch  me  up ,Or maybe they shortcut was good and they were actually in front of me . Ping went my watch great time for lunch . I found a suitable spot and sat down and  had  lunch, then I decided to  make a picture of a snail

I was rather pleased with it , I just  finished when juicy  caught  me  up  but  he  seemed to be on a mission  so didn’t  stop , He  was closely followed  by  Hirobics   I  set  off with  her    but  soon began to fall behind  . I was in no hurry and it was a gorgeous day. Soon I came  to a road  crossing  there was supposed to be  water here  and  yes there was a large water cache  and  resting besides it  was Grams, Blue Sky, Timberline, Juicy  and  several other people.

One guy was waiting for his wife who was hiking a section with his daughter. Mum was disabled and wow what a feat. As we relaxed in the Shade an elderly couple walked buy with several large trout on a string.

He stopped and chatted to us then I noticed his revolver on his belt.
So I said  so  did  you  use  your  rod  or  just  shoot  the  fish.
Hirobics then asked if she could hold his Gun. Of course he said taking out the bullets

Would you like to shoot it?

Can we Hirobics Exclaimed   SO we walked a little way off trail then she fired the gun

OMG it was so loud then it was my turn and OMG IT IS SO LOUD!!!! my ears  were ringing for at least  10 minutes and  I couldn’t  hear  anything , Lastly it was Grams  turn.

Great fun but loud.
From where we were there were two trails     the concessions of the group was to take the alternative route. I  picked up  my  pack and  headed off down the trail id  gone about a ¼  of a mile when a Hirobics came  running  up  to  me .. Forgotten anything snail?

No I don’t think so?
What about these! She said handing me my solar panel and phone. OMG   did  I really walk off with my most important  bit of  kit  thank  you so  much , OMG  I can’t  believe  that  I had left  them behind.The  lake  that  most  people  were heading for  was probably  going to be  out  of  my reach  for  today,but still I plodded on. It wasn’t long till timberline caught me up, and so we walked together eventually coming out on to a road. There should be a campsite around here somewhere. We walked down the road until at last we came to the entrance, and followed it down into the camp. It was a fantastic setting with RVs parked all along the shore and it had a beach, a real beach. Timberline stripped off and  was soon swimming, just as easy than a shower i guess! We found an empty pitch and put up our tents.Then we sat  at a large  picnic  bench  and  ate  dinner , a beer would have been nice  but  we  didn’t  notice a shop so had to make do with coffee


View from the Beach

My turn to shoot

My turn to shoot

My Marker

My Marker


Blue Sky and Hirobics

View from the Campsite

View from the Campsite


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