Day 104 Crater lake!!

26th JUly

I struggled to get up for some reason so i didn’t get on the trail till seven.
I had the rest of the climb to do before I emerged at Crater lake. ……And wow what sn amazing site. .it was still early so you could not see the full colours of the water
I stood for about 10 minutes taking in the site I found it just breathtaking. Beautiful. Romantic. Amazing . awesome. The mist was still rising as the sun hadnt yet risen that high.
I had to tear my self away as I needed water. I made my way towards the store and then stood puzzled as I looked at my gps
Water was at the rim village..Further to walk then a ranger appeared Can I help sir?  Yes I need water
He pointed to the rest rooms that I had walked  by  unnoticed! !
Thank you so much. I refilled my water all 4 liters as the next was. 25 miles away.
I then walked back over to the rim the colours were changing by the minute as the sun rose
I chatted to an American family who were on vacation with their children for a while before hitting the trail
The trail followed the rim for about 7 miles before rejoining the old PCT as I walked around the Rim the views Were stunning awe inspiring. And so I took many photos
The trail then began to rise towards the watch man’s tower I really don’t want to climb this i said to myself. But up and up I went
Deer phew i hadn’t seen any yesterday and was beginning to worry Lol  so I  felt more relaxed when four trotted by
Then shock !!!! Juicy made me jump by creeping up on me. OMG and other words I said
We then hiked on together. Mile after mile before it was time for a break. We stopped for breakfast with such a great backdrop   and rested.
We both agreed that our next stop should be at 2 pm .off down the trail we both marched ,Then juicy realised that he had lost a flip flop..he went back to look while I stomped off. The terrain was good and so I zoned out and the miles raced by
Ping went my watch great an hour to went my  watch Hurrah  lunch .I stopped under the shadow of a tree and chilled.
As I was making lunch  juicy appeared so  We ate lunch.together
Juicy thought it may be a good idea to go to next town for pizza and beer and I had to agree with him but for the next 5 minutes we decided against it and decided to hike on
Several hours later we arrived all hot and sweaty at the  road. We both said together that pizza and beer sound good then both laughed.
So we stuck out our thumbs
After about  20 minutes we were sat in Diamond lakes  with a large pitcher of beer waiting for mega pizza. we both woofed that followed   by another pitcher of beer.Then it was Ice cream time and then we were  full
We made our way to the tent site and put up our tents and let our large tummies relax
Soon it was time got a night cap so we wandered back to the restaurant
I selected two  types of IPA Then sat outside to quaff them watching the sun set .a great end to the day






Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Trout Lake

Diamond Lake

Fantastic Pizza

Fantastic Pizza

20140726_202112 20140726_211301


Juicy  relaxed

Juicy relaxed


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