Day 103 Heading to Mazama village

25th July
I slept really well .woke st 5 am and listened to keen hikers pass my tent
There is no rush I said to myself I only have 20 miles to do
I emerged and broke camp . lucky I remembered my gloves.
Seems its colder in the mornings in Oregon, So I needed my coat too.
Off I went but hadn’t gone far when another  bear shot through the woods and went crashing though the trees .
Phew I thought, he was  fast
I set off walking I was in woods again and again  i was clambering over trees or trying to walk around them.   This forest was quite airy so the sun was at least getting through so it wasn’t long before the coat came off.. I emerged out off the forest into a large burn area. Giant needles sticking up from the ground. It went on for a while then I began to head down into a more green landscape.
I hiked on singing songs yo myself but never really knowing the words. Ping went my watch Breakfast time although there wasn’t a lot left to eat
But the break was good. I was making good time and should be at Mazama store by 2 (Crater Lake)  .I pushed on and one forest rock meadow forest they all seemed to merge but I was making good progress I z began to drop down when I was startled by several children then their dad appeared hi I called a few minutes later another too families appeared they were doing s loop..I walked on for about an hour then decided it was lunch  time and a good opportunity to use all my bits up before my resupply.
I sat munching my lunch when several more day hikers came past. Cant be far i thought to myself. And then  there was the road. I was just taking some photos when Rock steady came past .I walked after him on the road to Mazama village  .but then he vanished. he  had taken a short cut that I hadn’t seen.

xxxx and Hirobics
Rock Steady

He was at the store when I arrived. I grabbed my resupply box 2  beers an ice cream and sat outside in the sun  to eat and drink. Then I grabbed s few items from the hiker box
As I was sorting   my gear Juicy appeared I told him about my 2 X 30 milers
Then I went and grabbed a shower and washed my clothes at the same time. They soon dry in the sun
Then I  brought some post cards another beer and packed up my gear.
Juicy had already left but I got confused and went’ the wrong way bugger bugger  finally I was back on the trail .dam I said to myself should of left earlier. I set off up the trail it wasn’t far to the Rim and water but it was almost 7.30 .bugger I am not going to try and make it tonight. The next flat spot I said to myself.
Tent up dinner cooked tomorrow is another day and I get to see this amazing site of crater  lake


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