Day 101 Deer,forest, rain and logs

23rd July
Well that’ was a better sleep .
I was out of my tent and ready to hit the trail by 6 am..I expected my tent to be dry but as I camped close to a lake it was soaked due to condensation Bugger, oh well but it’s a lot heavier when wet.
I set off down the trail the sun was just beginning to  come up.
I had done about  2 miles when I passed two tents but no movement. I pressed on feeling good must be Deer week as they seemed to be everywhere. Some moved, some just starred at you .I pushed on as I wanted to do three hours before taking a break I was stuck again in the forest so not much to see  only deer oh and loads of trees to jump over or walk around. .Ping went my watch 2 hours down 1 more to go,but as I pushed for my third   the sky grew dark and the wind picked up Oh not again I told the sky that’s its  unusual for it to rain at this time of year. I stopped and put on my packs rain jacket and my jacket too.then walked on .It was certainly cold but the rain seemed to hold off
Ping great Breakfast. I lazily ate my cereal drank some  lemonade and chilled for 20 minutes. Then off again deer spotting .I was soon  approaching a spring i didn’t need  much just a  top up.At the spring were two sobo’s. We chatted a while then I headed off .
I was making good miles   id so love to do that 30 but really i’m not fast enough and when I stopped for lunch I was a little disheartened that my miles and speed just didn’t add up In other words I needed a much longer day to get the 30
I walked on feeling disappointed  but then I got back into  my pace .it doesn’t matter this 30  I think i am trying too  hard..I then bumped into a man who was just hiking to Ashland
Later on I then met two more sobo’s but they didn’t stop must be on a tight schedule I laughed to myself.This is the season for fruit so I stopped and munched on a few mouthfuls of thimble berries they are like tiny raspberries. I found that  the best way to eat them is to squash them with your tongue otherwise you spend ages trying to get the pips out of your teeth. I came across another  type of berry   a blackberry bush but  much dainty but very tasty and to finish off a few wild strawberries
It was now getting late well 4 pm I took a quick break looked st my Gps .Mm water was another 8  miles ..shall I go for that or dry  camp?
I was feeling tired  but wanted to walk at least to 6. But as I turned the corner OMG my favourite terrain it was horrible rock but it did have a path through it  but it was made of cinders

Cinders chew your shoes up plus you have to take care while you walk so your constantly looking at your  feet
Typical i’m tired and now this. But worse it went on for miles. I slogged along the sky growing black again. No no not more rain please hold off .I pounded off down these paths Ping really I’ve done an hour I was zoned out crunching down these paths when I came to a sign on the ground it read 1780  2/3     Oh I said to myself i’m only 4 miles short of doing 30 miles and its only just gone 5 pm

2/3 whoop

I can do this its  mine. Well it was like I had beer legs on     I began to fly down these cinder paths   I can do this 4 miles. 4 miles yes its mine. Stay away rain .I had a little downhill then it was up.i emerged at a main road and crossed .On the other side was a box of trail magic but. Being late in the  day l that was left was a cold bottle of water. I glugged that down. There was a river nearby so i topped up my water. Then  began the climb. Just around the corner were several tents. I waved but continued up I crossed the river. By  bridge and began to climb following the river.I passed some fire damaged trees which  reminded  me of tomb stones in a graveyard. .Come on miles .I checked .my watch. Time is good i am almost there  come on Snailtrainer this is yours. Almost there yes yes yes yes I have done my first 30 miler whoop whoop I am so pleased with my self a flat spot I walked on for a while. There that will do. Tent up dinner cooked. Very big grin on my face I’ve finally  done it

My Favorite Terrain NOT !!

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