Day 100

22nd July

Well I must of been tired as I fell straight to sleep yesterday I didn’t even make hot chocolate! !
It rained for most of the night and i was disappointed that my tent was still soaked in the morning .well its heavier when wet.
Even though I slept so well I didn’t want to get up,come on snail I had to say to myself reluctantly I got up and packed up and was on the trail by 7.30  late for me.The trail started with a climb and  due to the rain all the plants were still  holding water so in 5 minutes my shorts were soaked and my trainers. Great I said to myself and  pushed on I wanted a good day and some big miles,after half hour I passed a tent I could swear that it was Foxxy’s but I didn’t shout .After another half hour I passed three more tents, but didn’t recognise them .I pushed on I wanted to get the miles in as the trail was fairly flat from now on.
I marched through several forests then began to climb the ridge. Wow there is my old friend mount Shasta I’m sure its following me

From the start of  today it was a damp day almost cold for a change I wanted the sun well at least to dry the trail, my shoes were going squelch which I haven’t heard that since snow lol
At last sun and it’s amazing how it soon brings out the smells in the meadows,oh its I spy a deer again Yes I can see you and you  then i counted about 10 in 5 minutes.
The sun was now warming every thing up may be too quickly lol .Lunch time!  cool I’ve done 14 miles, Better than I thought and   10 more will make 24 .
I pushed on then I met a couple out for a walk we chatted for ages they were interested in my walk.
They told me yesterday’s rain was rare doesn’t normally rain as I left them a huge clap of thunder happened

God it was so loud very scary perhaps because of the mountains or the valleys but I’ve never heard it this loud.I stopped and got out my rain jacket and my packs rain jacket
Crash went the Thunder it was close and oh so loud almost deafening then the rain came but this time I was ready I marched on ,   I was in another. forest but the thunder just seemed to be getting louder and louder it was really scary .Back in the UK I love walking in the rain with the thunder but this thunder unnerved me slightly. Then I could see the  lightning flash I don’t like this I laughed  to myself. Then I was out in the open I watched the  could see lightning streak through the sky and then the almighty crash of thunder. I tried to catch the lightning with my camera but then gave up and walked on I think I was following it

More deer oh and a lovely bouncy fawn, that’s about 15 today no bears lately.
At last the rain stopped   good I thought as I marched but it was still rather dark .I was hoping to get my tent up in the sun to dry it out
I looked at my GPS oh I hadn’t done the mileage that I had hoped only  22 I wanted much more .so pressed on I wanted at lest 26  but then I had  lost an hour and a half this morning
On I went come on miles I said to myself  at 6.30 I decided that I had, had enough the light was fading the rain was threatening  so the next flat spot will do


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