Day 98 Back to Ashland

I woke up refreshed  I opened my tent there were a few more tents and bodies lying scattered.
I went to get fresh water so that I could make tea. There was still a buzz about the place this early in the morning
I made tea and then began to sort my gear.i walked over to the main building to hand my towel back .do you want one more swim?  The lady asked yes but no I thought I need to get on so polity declined.
I then grabbed my pack and headed for the road  and put out my thumb. I got a ride fairly quickly and was dropped right out side the hostel. 

I was shown in  and the hostel. Juicy was there so we caught up on r gossip but I wasn’t allowed to stay until 3 pm just to leave my gear. So arranged to meet juicy for Breakfast and went off to do my chores
First stop the Outdoor store to pick up my packages, while waiting Timberline walked in, good to see  you  we chatted for a while Then my boxes arrived, I had four boxes Omg!!
I staggered down the road to find the Breakfast place. It looked good and so sat outside and waited for juicy.
I ordered a beer and people watched until  Juicy arrived , we both ordered  Omelets which came with srummy hash-browns,  bagel and cream cheese

It was the best I’d eaten.I washed it down with chocolate stout and  relaxed I still had a few hours to kill so wandered back to the hostel to drop off my boxes, before heading to the library. Once inside the PC’s were upstairs  as i sat down i noticed  juicy and Early Bee were sat in front of me. WE whispered to each other before it was at last time to head to the hostel.

Once checked in , I sorted out my laundry took a shower then began to sort my food as i planned to resupply all of Oregon from here .
I wish I had picked up bigger boxes, just means extra trips tomorrow.Okay i need more shopping ,a guy who was staying at the hostel offered to give me a ride to the hypermarket , brilliant.
I was careful pushing the cart around the aisles , not buying treats just the essentials but it still was over a 100  bucks. I  staggered down the road in the blazing sun back to the hostel , Once back i began to decant my food into three piles food for the journey to crater lake, the other two  to post up the trail. Once it was done i felt so relaxed and could chill.
I put the washing into the machine hurrah all my chores done for today.
Beer time, Juicy joined me for s few ales we started in Standing Stones a clicky micro brewery

 A nice IPA at 8% to start ,then over Oberons and another fine ale..
Juicy had not tried Guinness so we went in search of one for him
We found one at the Black sheep , Once sampled we headed back to to Oberons for a night cap or two.
Then it was time to go home


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