Day 97 Heading To Ashland

19th July
Well I have to admit maybe I was a little squiffy yesterday
I struggled to get up and their were many snoozes before I finally emerged from my tent.
I hit the trail fairly slowly but determined and pushed on .It was a glorious day and the miles began to fall. Soon I was approaching  Ashland
I could see Ashand mountain getting nearer this again is a fairly great  place to go skiing although they had no snow this year. I just finished climbing a small hill when came upon Trail magic a chest with some cold sodas in .I helped myself then sat and enjoyed the scenery .
Then a runner appeared folowed by several more. There’s a competition soon and they are practicing.(mad people)
I walked on and began my decent  as more runners came past later it was time for walkers and dogs I chatted to most.
There was a lady who is off to the uk shortly to Reading then she is off to Cornwall my favorite place
Down and down the trail went crossing several roads and  i met many more people out strolling.
I then came to the old hotel where a young boy made me several cups off iced apple juice. I stopped nearby and ate my cold pizza bloody tasty
I tried to ring my girlfriend in the Uk but typically I couldn’t get a signal grrr
I walked down the trail to the next road and put out my thumb
The first stop was Callahans
An elderly lady stopped I said Callahan’s please?
She asked me where I was going next? Ashland I replied . I drop you there after if you want

Well yes Please ,  We  drove  to Callahan’s then she  waited  while i ran in to  grab my resupply box.
On the way to Ashland I asked about  barber shops  as i needed as hair cut . The next minute we pull up out side one and i jump  out. Thank you so much i say then she is gone
20 minutes later I looking  handsome again  lol , Ah much better it was too long and making me too hot
I began walking to the hostel it was a long way and some how I took a wrong turn (but didn’t know)
Then a car stopped SNAIL!  came a voice it was Tartan he was in a car  with his son. They picked me up and dropped me at  the hostel,but as I tried to enter one of the owners said  i’m so sorry  but  we are   Full
Bugger, Luckily Tartan hadn’t left , His son  thought there was another campsite out of town if  i didn’t  mind!! So they took me to a place  called Wellsprings .

I paid and set up my tent It was more of a hippie commune and there was a music festival on and it seemed it was clothed optional So really my kind of place
I took a shower, then spa, the spa was so relaxing and I swam  and I felt do clean.  What s great place to relax. I cooked myself some dinner and lay in the sun by my tent later I went for a walk and brought a couple of cans of beer to help me relax  further
(They don’t sell alcohol on site  but you can get stoned lol)
I then brought a ticket to see the bands it was a great atmosphere reminiscent of the first festivals I used to go to before they became so commercial

I watched a few bands and then went skinny dipping in the  the pool for a moonlight swim, the warm water was so fantastic
The last band was called freedom, great sounding band ,he must be popular as the place went wild when he played.
Eventually I wearily made my way back to my tent .


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