DAY 96 Beer Legs to Oregon

Slept well but was woken by the sound of  well I wasn’t sure an earthquake?  Or a big truck coming towards Me?
Well I was up and out of my tent and I witnessed an amazing scene. About 50 plus Elk came galloping by .Wow never seen that before.I was soon packed and on the trail. Tarzan had promised me beer if I was at a certain mile point at 1 pm
Well to a hiker that’s a challenge so for  me an avid beer drinker even more so .

The distance was a little out of my range but it was a target and I set off with pure determination. .
Mile by mile whizzed by i wasn’t stopping  my watch pinged out the hours  I was on a beer mission.  My legs whizzed like pistons (in my mind)   I began to hear bells .was I imaging it no bells again in an open part of the trail there were cows. About a dozen all grazing. Not bothered about straying. I said good morning and walked on. .At 8.30 I passed Foxxy’s tent he was stil sleeping  bless.i walked on  ping went another hour flowed by another hour I hadn’t walked this far with out a break before.But   I had  beer legs on  down I went up.i went then I was at the border I was in Oregon bloody hell I had made it
I stopped for a few photos

I was in Oregon. Whoop whoop. I  signed the register Tarzan had been through
Back to the trail i was ahead of schedule but now the trail climbed Welcome to Oregon I  soon as I was across the border the animal life seemed to increase their were load more chipmunks and ground squirrels and more birdsong.
And I saw my second rabbit.
I raced up the next hill .I saw a man waving I though it was Tarzan at first but it was his  friend. .Beer he asked  god yes please. Are you s friend of Tarzan?  I asked .
Yes he replied then he made me an awesome sandwich of elk meat and cheese and mustard it was emence
I woofed it down and chugged a few beers ..He was still waiting for Tarzan  I was confused as his name was before mine in the register. He then gave me heaps more food and beer which I struggled to get into my pack
We waited a while then  he drove me to the next camp. Where his other friend was..we laughed and joked and drank more beer
Tarzan then arrived or hippy to his mates. I was confused  as his name was already in the register but apparently there are two Tarzan’s but this was the better one lol

We chugged more beer then drove to the the next  camp to wait for other hikers
Tarzan and I sat on the back of the Range Rover tailgate as we were driven several  miles to the next camp. This was trail magic most awesome, At the next camp Tarzan’s mates unloaded he Range Rover they had tons of food and beer

What a great afternoon
I was saying about the deer herd and showed the guys my video. They are not deer they are Elk and that is some rare footage , which  made me feel very special. Then two other families arrived and joined in with fun
later  followed by Foxxy . hurrah we drank more beer and ate more food
Later Tarzan who had finished his hike was going to a hotel then out for dinner. so i was happy to put up my tent and camp here
Until Foxxy said     Post office. Dam you Foxxy yes I needed to hike out get to Ashland so I can post parcels out
Off i went but I was very squiffy and its not easy  to hike along a narrow path when you cant focus on it especially when there is a deathly drop .but somehow I managed to hike another 10 miles don’t ask me how.
I set up my tent  sat inside and had the most marvellous salad with hot smoked locally caught salmon washed down with more beer
And guess what I slept like a log ,


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