Day 95 Brutal

17th July
Took ages to go off to sleep
Well at 9 pm it was still 90° HOT
Woke up refreshed but dreading the day. I’m going up 4500  feet in 8 miles and its going to be hot  bloody hot.
I broke camp and set off .the first chore water which wasn’t that far then on to the switchbacks .it was still fairly cool and the sun hadn’t yet woken up.i soon passed xxxx he was just waking. Morning catch you on the trail. Up and up and up   its s long way up but I was feeling good. Higher and higher phew .Again the higher I climbed the more amazing the views

I chugged   on and on  the trail wasn’t that steep oh spoke to soon. .it immediately rose sharply. .but I was still making good progress.higher and watch pinged  it was tine for Breakfast.
I sat and looked down into the valley while eating .it was a long way down and I was only half way up.

Time to walk ,round and round back  and forth. Phew it was hot but I had plenty of water but as I climbed  .maybe it was the altitude but I was suddenly exhausted and had to sit a while before I could go on.
Finally I made it to the top  but in the distance was another big mountain. I could see the trail winding its way up it in the distance. OMG  were my words. Oh here goes and set off to conquer the  next mountain. The next one wasn’t that steep and soon I was standing on the summit looking down over the valleys. Just breathtaking. Of course my camera doesn’t do it justice .

Had I finished climbing? .I bloody wish no no. The trail just kept going up.i had to keep taking breaks  as they were killing me and the heat did I say it was bloody hot late 90°
I then came to a  resting Foxy how u doing? These hills are killing me!!
I walked on whoop I was going downhill but that normally means another climb. as I sped up down the hill I came across a dad and his two children day hiking  .enjoy you hike I said then continued down looking for a nice shady spot for my lunch .At last I rested. Slurped lemonade and woofed 3 sweaty cheese and packet spam rolls. I was relaxing Foxy past me see you in Ashland Foxy.
Back to the trail I was still heading down . dreading the up. I needed water but thought I could get by so began the next climb. Omg it was steep and the sun was now  roasting dam I think I should of got water and now I was angry with myself. bugger
I was struggling with these climbs and the heat. I was shouting at myself to push myself along .no good I needed to stop .I found a shady spot and glugged down more lemonade
If I haven’t said I found this drink or rather a fellow hiker introduced me to   Crystal Light  its a natural still lemonade  comes in a sachet and make a bottle or 1 litre and its just so refreshing i’m hooked on the stuff and even when your water gets  hot it’s still refreshing to drink.
I looked at my water I had almost drank the lot and my bladder was almost empty too. The problem is you are relying on a water source to be there. My next water was Bear Dog Spring in 4 miles but if that was dry and sometimes they are, then  my next water was on another 4 miles making 8  miles but it was hot very hot.
I pushed myself on   it was becoming a hard day. If I got water I may just call it a day.i trudged on and on more climbs phew I struggled up and on another climb its almost 5 pm and i have been climbing for most of the day .Another climb look a great camp spots but I need water. No good I need to take 5 minutes before the next climb.

As I sat pondering another hiker came by his name Tarzan. He was hiking from border to border so he finishes on the Oregon border tomorrow and his mate is meeting him with s car load of beer at mile 1703  so I need to try and get there too lol
I said I needed water so he gave me half a litre. His water was cold as he had  just found a spring fab.
At last I came to the spring Tarzan was already there. Waters good snailtrainer. I dropped my pack and walked down with my bladder and bottles. The spring water was ice cold perfect I chugged a litre straight down then filled up.its amazing what a  good drink can do    .I felt refreshed and invigorated and set off with speed down the trail and stomped up the next two climbs. There was an even bigger climb yet to come and as  it was now 6.30 so I thought that will do for today. I found a camp site and set up my tent. Cooked couscous and drank  a cup of coffee then 2 cups of hot chocolate time for bed   its been s tough day and y I need to be super fast to get to beer tomorrow also I cross into Oregon whoop whoop whoop


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