Day 94 Seiad Valley

15th july
after a many minutes of hunt the  mosie in the tent I slept really well
I was up and on the  trail by 6.30 .it was time for the long decent down of approximately 13  miles through the forest. I had gone approximately 2 miles before coming to water. I filled up both bottles. Then back to the trail the trail spiraled down snd down then it was switchbacks.i was feeling good as I marched. Down snd down until SNAKE! !.He just lay there before slithering off.i marched off down the trail. Far below me I could hear the sound of rushing water and eventually I came to a bridge to cross.
The waters looked so inviting .
My other pet hate about  the PCT are the midges. They don’t bite but just fly around your head and flyby your ears so all you hear is s constant buzz
A lot of people use ear buds to block out their sound.But im an old romantic. I love to hear the sounds of the forest. Woodpeckers,the sound of the wind.of the water etc.
The trail weaves up and down and now there is poison oak everywhere. Another thing to watch out for. Plus its overgrown in . places meaning. that you have to push your wsy through
A lot of the foliage is from the thimble berry. Its like a tiny raspberry but tiny but very sweet and tasty.
Down below the creek  is looking even more Inviting. But I need to get to the Post office! !
Looks as if I willl be following the creek all the way to Seid Valley. But as the trsil turns away  the forest is imeaditly silenced apart ftom.the  crunvh crunch of my feet .then as I approach the creek the sound grows steadily louder building to a crescendo
I love the sound of the roar of the water So powerful
After 3 hrs I stop for a break and glug down some lemonade mmm tasty I check the GPS  11 miles cool
Back  to The trail and another bridge crossing down and down another bridge crossing that’s a few bridges and some nice  swimming holes.but I can’t stop down and down god its so hot finally I come to another bridge number 4   im in a large camp ground. A buggy turn up with a load of kids in .the trsil is yhis way an elderly lady shouts. Thank you I reply.
I walk through the comp and onto the
The road its sn 8 mile toad walk snd no traffic will use it.oh and its hot!!
As I wander down the road I pass blackberry bushes and they are loaded I can’t help nut stop and gorge myself god they are so tasty .I stop and grab my cup in two minutes its full I guzzle them down snd fill it again and again. But the post office do I leave  the Blackberries and continue
Then the buggy come back Connie says jump in the back and we are off.she has tsken 5 kids to the camp and no going home.She is s great laddy so  funny .She drops me at the road .its then a mile walk.
I cross the bridge and into town heading straight to the post office
Is there a package for me.?.The lady goes away and comes back with a small box .no I say thats mine but there should be z bigger box.please  be here please.
Fantastic there is a second box
Yes its my new pack.ita black and green and looks very smart.i quickly swap sll my gesr over then podt my old  my pack back
Next its Beer & icecream
When I find somewhere to sit I can see Juicy,miles,rewind and Foxxy
Foxcy is doing the 5lb  pancake challenge.Its five enormous pancakes and he has  an hour  to  eat  them , but sadly fails
We sit under a large tree drinking iced tea waiti g for the temperature to drop  Foxy  is  lying  down  trying to digest  the  huge mountain in his  tummy lol
I leave at 4.45 to  start on  the hill.i walk an hour just to get out of town then camp
Miles pases me. Later Juicy arrives joins me he  makes coffee then we are  joined by Rewind. Both   stop for a while. But then hike out
It takes ages for me to sleep as at 9  p m its still over 90° im just nodfing off when I see lights its Foxxy hiking out


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